The Holly Jolly Nashville bombing is being blamed on a 5G conspiracy theorist.

This seems to make logical sense.


Federal agents were tipped off that a person who had rigged an RV with explosives in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, may have been driven by fears surrounding 5G technology, a report claims.

Nashville realtor Steve Fridrich told local WSMV TV channel that the FBI had interviewed him about whether a man investigated in connection to Friday’s bombing had “paranoia about 5G technology.”

Fridrich contacted the FBI because a man with the same name had done IT work for him for several years, he said.

Local media reported earlier that FBI and ATF agents were searching the homes belonging to a man named Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, in Antioch, Tennessee. Neighbors told reporters they had seen an RV parked in the driveway of Warner’s home for several weeks. The vehicle reportedly looked like the one which detonated in downtown Nashville on the early morning of December 25.

An FBI spokesperson said the Bureau could not comment on the issue because of the pending investigation. However, a source confirmed to WSMV that, among other tips and angles, agents were checking if Warner experienced paranoia that 5G was being used to “spy on Americans.”

Fridrich was quoted as saying that Warner had never spoken about 5G to him. He described Warner as a “techie guy” who “didn’t bother anybody.”

Before the explosion, a warning was heard from the RV, in which an automated female voice repeatedly urged everyone to “evacuate.” Three bystanders were injured in the blast. Police said they found human remains on site. According to CNN, this had led the FBI to believe that the explosion was a suicide bombing.

People are really on edge these days, in addition to the fact that people are generally completely fucking stupid and ignorant and more and more people are devolving into total paranoia. The people who were already paranoid are of course going to start devolving into violence.

I blame all of this on the media and the government that promoted this insane coronavirus hoax. You can blame the individual people who do bad things, sure, but the reality is that they are acting out while under pressure that was created by the lockdown, and so we have to blame the people who promoted this lockdown.

Note that we will also never know if this bomber was in contact with feds on the internet who were encouraging him to do something like this. The only thing we will know is that feds are in every single chat room or forum where anyone discusses anything fringe, encouraging people to do violence.

I doubt this means we’re going to have a discussion about 5G. Although that would probably be a good idea; it turns out that 5G is one of the many things that is beyond discussion. People do not know nor understand science.