What they are trying to do here is create a mass social phenomenon, where the entire world rallies behind the vaccine as a collective activity that brings everyone together.

Outside of the concerns about the vaccine, if you’re not caught up in the hysteria of it, this social engineering campaign is really creepy.

We are a totally divided society, and the government created that division, and they don’t really have a right to come up and try and push pseudo-religious cultural unification programs, hinting at collective purpose.


An artistically inclined pilot created a syringe-shaped flight path above the skies of southern Germany, ahead of the start of a nationwide inoculation drive against Covid-19.

Pilot Samy Kramer said he wanted to do something creative while logging flight hours in his Diamond DA20 Katana, a small two-seater light aircraft.

“At the moment, I have to collect a lot of flying hours, and instead of just flying like that, I wanted to draw a reminder in the air that you should get vaccinated,” Kramer told a Swiss media outlet.

He said he spent about a half an hour entering the coordinates he wanted into his navigation system, but the real challenge came when he was airborne and had to be precise with his movements.

Taking off from Friedrichshafen, a city in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg, Kramer executed the aerial art project beautifully, and even added what appeared to be two small droplets coming from the tip of the syringe’s ‘needle’.

Flightradar24, a flight tracking service, shared a photograph illustrating Kramer’s unusually shaped journey. The site noted that several other pilots have executed coronavirus-related ‘drawings’ over the past several months.

If our religion is dead, which is what the government and media apparatus have declared, then the era of collective purpose is dead and in fact, we no longer exist as real nations. This is why they prohibited church services and gatherings in the first place — it is where everyone communicates and discuss what’s going on; they don’t want that.

Attempts to define secular society using references to a religious-type of collective social purpose should be rejected outright.