There was a Christmas bombing in Nashville, and it was one of the weirdest things yet.

It happened on Christmas morning.

It was out on a main street in front of Hooters, and the person – the bomber – put a loudspeaker on top of his car telling people to get away from the scene, because there was a bomb.

“Evacuate now. There is a bomb. A bomb is in this vehicle and will explode,” a witness recalls the recorded warning saying. Then, the voice started a 15-minute countdown.

Some have decided to replay the recording backwards to reveal an “ominous” message.

It’s like something out of a movie.

It could be that the person was angered that all the waitresses in Hooters are fat skanks.

These pictures of cars on fire whilst the firepeople just stand by are very strange. All of these pictures are strange, in fact.

The most disturbing picture is of this fat ATF guy laughing at the scene of the bombing, while things are still on fire.

This was a very serious bomb, to do that much damage. Although it doesn’t really look like the point was to do structural damage. The point was apparently to just start a really big fire in the street.

Human remains were found in the bombing site, presumably from the guy who set it off.

They haven’t blamed anyone yet, but there is a suspect and the FBI Claims to be looking at several individuals.

This is obviously not an Islamic bombing, and they are obviously going to blame Trump supporters, even though this was probably done by the government itself.

The feds are now saying that they’ve got a “person of interest” and the internet larpers are singling this guy out:

Obviously a Trump supporter and obviously does not live in Tennessee, and obviously not the guy, but this won’t stop morons from slander. I hope they’re wrong about this guy. He seems like a really cool person

I can pretty well guarantee that it is going to be a white guy, and he’s most likely going to be angry about Donald Trump and the election fraud, but he might also be angry about the vaccine and the virus hoax which which has had our leaders lock us down and destroyed our lives, economically.

The good news is, no one died, so it’s kinda hard to portray him as a serious bad guy, especially when he made a point to not kill anyone. Someone with the capacity to build that bomb, and the willingness to blow it up with himself inside, could have killed a lot of people, and instead he used a loudspeaker to tell people to leave the area.

It’s hard to guess as to whether this is a total hoax or the result of someone going nuts over this coronavirus lunacy and all of the rest of it. If I had to guess, it’s probably going to end up being a combo – someone who was going nuts was targeted by feds online and encouraged to carry out a weird act.

That’s the primary M.O. of the feds: they always want stuff like this to happen, if only to expand their budgets (also, other reasons), but they also don’t want to get caught. So, usually, they just target vulnerable people online and try to convince them to do stuff like this.

I get the pleasure of seeing this all the time, because they assume that people who follow my material are on edge. I can’t even have an open forum, because it just gets flooded with federal agents that are trying to convince people to do shootings or set off bombs.

What a wonderful democracy we have.

One very important nugget of information that I must share is: In warfare you always have to anticipate your enemy’s moves and behavior. The Jews are always ten steps ahead. The art of asymmetrical warfare is less about inflicting damage than provoking a response. Terrorism is theater, and theater is always performed for an audience. The Jews’ audience is the American people. The question is, “how do we [Jews] convince them that “nowhere is safe”.’