Jewish hypocrisy knows no limits and this video requires no commentary on my part, because it speaks for itself.

Believe it or not; accept it or not, there is a “great replacement” occurring, where whites are being replaced by, savage, low IQ black and brown animals from the shittiest places around the world, and this replacement is orchestrated and promoted by wealthy, elite Jews.

The war between Jews and Christians is over 2000 years old and is still being waged today, by Jews on White Christians. Many thought they saw the last of it in the Russian revolution which led to one hundred million white Christians slaughtered by sadistic, communist Jews, but they were also warned that there was more was to come.

We (all human goyim) are literally in the death throes of a Jewish communist Bolshevik takeover, and whites are the primary target. This spells danger and disaster for the rest of the world, for without whites the entire planet, let alone Western Civilization, and all its great human achievements, will cease to exist, or at least, its standards severely diminished.

The wonderful and superlative standards of living whites have provided, not just for themselves, but for many others, will be no more. They have been, for a very vast and lengthy part of human history, the exemplars of how we ought to live. They have built Western Civilization and maintained it through diligence and dedication and many, including Jews, have benefited from, if not leeched off of their accomplishments.

Of course, there are shit whites and there are shit people of every creed and race; we just tend to find more shit people among the black and brown groups in contrast to whites (and Jews). Essentially, were we to answer the question, “how ought we to live?”, the way Africans and certain other peoples of color do, is definitely not the way.

The levels and rates of violent crime, trust (social cohesion) and the ability to create wealth and advance a society; having laws and jurisprudence to maintain these, are the core elements in tackling the question of “how ought we to live?” The white collective mindset and spirit is unmatched and unparalleled in this regard.

Admittedly, as it pertains to social cohesion, ingroup preference and violent crime specifically, Jews have whites beat. So too, do the Japanese, it seems. Perhaps, as white survival dangles in the balance, individualism — a much higher and much more evolved social achievement — must be temporarily abandoned and a more ingroup preference approach, taken, if whites are to survive.

Yet, as we see on a daily basis in the Jewish media, the opposite is promoted.

All in an effort to eradicate the white race.

White Women are the end of their own race.

All the while Jews live, abide by and promote a different lifestyle for themselves.

People who do not comprehend what is going on often label whites as racist and view them as intolerant, but the truth is, Whites are absolutely right. No one in their right mind wants to live around and among this:

Neither do they want their kids subjected to these animals.

Or, this:

No one, and I mean absolutely no one, can convince me that they are normal, or human, for that matter. How are we defining what it is to be human? This certainly cannot be it.

The Jewish media hides this reality and uses every opportunity to lie about what these animals are really like, almost as if to portray them in a human light.

The Jewish media has lied to us all about whites, slavery, race, racism and just about everything that you think you know and understand to be true.

Your mind has been Jewed!