Virulent anti-Semitic leader Kevin McCarthy has condemned the dirty Jew Democrats, who are fixed on attempting to send all American tax dollars to their home country of Israel.

I’m sure McCarthy would not admit to anti-Semitism, and would start talking about how many countries receive foreign aid (Israel just receives the most, by a lot).

Regardless, everyone gets the message.

Even foreign aid money that isn’t going to Israel is part of the Israeli foreign aid program. Because if anyone says “why are we giving all this money to these Jews???” then the Jews will say “oy vey, anti-Semitism! Actually, you’re giving money to all kinds of people all over the world! So why are you singling out Jews???”

Of course, when they do that, everyone just says “YES, JEWS – WE WANT TO END ALL FOREIGN AID.” Then the Jews say, “oh well, okay, but that’s a different conversation, and it has nothing to do with the Jews.”

McCarthy doesn’t play these games, however.

He’s just like: “Bitch, it’s over. We know about you and your little Jew friends, and we’re shutting it down. Give us back the money!”

There’s a much bigger picture here, folks, that many will not readily be able to fathom — (((they))) are everywhere.