Rand Paul gave a fiery speech in the Senate on Tuesday, denouncing the coronavirus relief bill as “socialism.”

We have a major problem in this country, where both sides of an argument are wrong, and they are presented by the media as the only two sides anyone could take.

Obviously, Rand Paul’s position here is much better than the position of the supporters of this bill, but in opposing it, he is mischaracterizing (or lying) about what is going on, and confusing the situation. It makes everyone dumber. He is right about MMT and how politicians view the economy, but…

Firstly, this bill isn’t “socialism.” This bill is designed to collapse the American economy, period. This is a very straightforward reality. Even if you don’t believe the government would do such a nasty thing, there is really no other explanation for what is going on here.

Secondly, even if you believe it is what it says it is, it still isn’t “socialism.” Socialism at least has the stated purpose of supporting the masses of people, and this current regime does not have that stated purpose. If the entirety of the money had gone to the masses, maybe that would be socialism. But the majority of this money is going to big business. Calling that “socialism” just confuses the language in a stupid way.

Thirdly – and this is the one that really gets me – no one can do this whole “it’s not the government’s job” spiel anymore. Because – hey Rand, hey, you silly dweeb, listen to me Rand – do you know what wasn’t the government’s job? Forcing businesses to close down was not the government’s job. Destroying all of these hundreds of thousands of small businesses that people spent their lives building was not the government’s job. To say “the government forcibly destroyed your business, but that doesn’t mean they should have to give you money” is stupid and deranged.

“I’m gonna have to herp you right there, derp. Pass me the herp, because I’m getting ready to derp do de da derp my herp. Just this morning, I herped all over my wife while she was derping me, so we’re going to have to take a quick herp break before I start derping.” -Rand Paul, speaking before the Senate about the dangers facing America, 2020

I had a discussion about this the other day – Libertarians attempt to pass policies as if Libertarians were in control of the government. Obviously, if Libertarians were in control of the government, they wouldn’t have locked it down and destroyed all of these businesses. However, Libertarians don’t control the government and the government did destroy people’s businesses. So, for Libertarians to try to push Libertarian policies in the wake of the most non-Libertarian thing ever, makes no sense.

This is how this two-party system works – each side gets what they want only when it’s what the Jews want. The Jews use both sides so that all of these bad things can be blamed on the opposite party.

“I warned you last time, herp. If you don’t stop derping in my herp, I’m gonna have you derped right in your herp. I’m seeing herping, I’m seeing derping, I’m seeing the herps get derped and the derps get herped. But what I’m not seeing is the herp do de da do woo. Now, for the last time: get your herp together, or I’m gonna derp your herp.” -Rand Paul issues a stern warning to his fellow Senators, 2020

Whether you’re a Libertarian or not, we all just witnessed the government destroy people’s lives, and they do in fact now owe it to the people to do something to fix that.

Of course, it doesn’t even matter, because they’re not going to fix it.

However, the discussion is not totally pointless, because you can here, see the way that the Jews use these different ideologies to attack you from all these different angles, making it look like it is the interaction of these different agendas that is destroying the country, when actually it is a singular Jewish agenda that is destroying the country.

“Frankly, Senator, I’ve just reviewed your herp, and I must say that it looks like you derped us. The American people trusted you to herp the derp, and you turn around and derp the herp. I’ll tell you this: if there was any herp in the derp, you’d be getting herped right now, and the American people would be derping it up.” -Rand Paul speaks out about malfeasance in the Senate, 2020

This is why the Jews love this ideology stuff so much: They can pull out some ideology to explain literally anything, and then just let that ideology win when they need a thing explained.

Paul went on Fox News to discuss this, and it was really boring. He also went into the vaccine, and his views on the vaccine.

I guess AOC got the vaccine, and he attacked her over it, saying that her dose should have been given to an old person.

Again: an idiotic discussion where both sides are wrong.