Again, I don’t care to gloat. I am more interested in people heeding what I am saying and I have been saying this to many people over the years. Without Whites, there is no Western Civilization. That superlative standard of living that all humans — especially black and brown people — have come to crave and enjoy, will cease to exist.

Even Sleepy Joe knows it:

Yes, you heard correctly. You just heard Joe Biden say over a zoom call with black and brown people that this nation is doomed, because Whites will become a minority. Conservatives will be like: “Omg! See! Joe Biden is the real racist! Whites becoming a minority would be amazing!”

That’s because they have no clue as to how the world has worked and gotten to where it is over the past 250,000 years. To be fair, the mutation for intelligence which gave rise to the Industrial Age began in 1200 AD, and other caucasid (Alpanid and Mediterranid) peoples such as the Arabs contributed to the sciences, Math and philosophy. All of which pale in comparison to what Europeans accomplished in the last 500 years, though.

Ps: This was likely a gaffe by Biden, though. He totally wants whites to become a minority.

But, seriously, the lower IQ populations cannot accomplish nor sustain what whites have accomplished. If they were capable of such, they would not have fled their native countries. Their countries are shit holes and the higher IQ members of their populace flee, naturally. Yet, what has occurred since the Hart Cellar Act of 1964 is, Jews have made it possible for any person of color with varying IQs to flood the nation, thereby diluting the IQ pool of America. They vote left and Democrat, always. They do not comprehend independence and freedom and will always vote for handouts. In other words, they will vote to recreate the shit hole they fled.

A few things are absolutely certain: The White Man’s Burden is real! Oh and we will all be depending on browns and blacks to pick up the slack. Africans are a problem. We’re doomed!

Biden full zoom.