Trouble is going to start somewhere. That we can say for certain.

This is something to watch. Probably nothing, but tensions are rising around the globe, and anything could happen.


South Korea said it scrambled fighter jets in response to an intrusion into its air defence identification zone by 19 Russian and Chinese military aircraft on Tuesday.

Four Chinese warplanes entered the Korea Air Defence Identification Zone (KADIZ) followed by 15 Russian aircraft, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

The South Korean military dispatched air force fighters to take tactical measures.

The South Korean military said the Chinese military had informed South Korea that its planes were carrying out routine training before the Chinese aircraft entered the KADIZ.

“This incident seems to be a joint military drill between China and Russia but it requires a further analysis,” the JCS said in a statement.

South Korea’s foreign ministry contacted China and Russia and told them there should not be a recurrence, Yonhap news agency reported.

Basically, the global elite are looking for somewhere to kick-off a geopolitical crisis involving China and to a lesser extent, Russia.

We have several different things going on that could qualify:

  • Border skirmishes between China and India
  • Escalation of hostilities in the South China Sea between Chinese and Western (and Western-backed) ships
  • Movements in the waters and airspace around Taiwan
  • Whatever sorts of things between India and Pakistan (both China and West involved in this long-running conflict)

So, “Korean airspace violations” is just one more thing to add to the list.

You’re also likely to see, in the near future, things happening on the Western border of China.

The Moslems are in the West, and the Western military forces have of course been active in these bordering countries. It’s actually possible that the West could start running terrorists across the border. China is too organized and powerful (and large) for them to start an outright civil war like we’ve seen in Libya and Syria, but they could start doing targeted bombings, and moving weapons in to cause low-intensity chaos.

Xinjiang is a pretty desolate shithole, and there aren’t really even many Chinese people there. It would be easy to turn it into a mess. Then, they can start attempting to run terrorists through to Chinese China, and start bombings. This is why Huawei has been developing face scanning technology that identifies Moslems, and why the West has been trying to shut it down by calling it “racist.”

Then, once the chaos begins, the West would start screaming about “human rights,” doing something like the Bashir Assad gassing hoaxes, claiming the Chinese are committing whatever kinds of atrocities against innocent terrorists. You can’t really transform that into direct US troop involvement, but it could serve as groundwork to get a shooting war going in Taiwan or the South China Sea.

It’s all very dull once you understand what is going on. It’s actually hard for me to imagine being a peasant and sitting here watching this and not knowing what’s going on, since this pattern has repeated itself so many times over the last decades.

But there it is.