Here is a speech that was never aired on national networks:

Trump’s Censored Speech

The Twitter version is missing roughly four minutes. Still, please share!

JewTube also censored the video and only showed The speech where The Real President Donald Trump spoke about the insulting Covid 19 Relief Bill.

Here’s the Facebook version. Please share!

Trump’s most important speech.

Here are the important points made:

  1. Was winning by a lot then spikes all favoring democrats
  2. Bellwether counties predicted Trump
  3. Trump won Florida, Ohio and Iowa by historic margins. Biden would be second candidate in history to win an election after losing those 3 states.
  4. Democrats were projected to gain 15 house seats, but ended up losing 14 seats
  5. Gained more votes then any president in history. 12 million more votes than in 2016. Largest increase ever recorded.
  6. Largest share of non-white voters then any republican in over 60 years.
  7. Biden somehow received 11.7 million more votes than Obama.
  8. Pennsylvania secretary of state suspended all signature verification requirements.
  9. Michigan secretary of state flooded the state with absentee ballots that weren’t requested
  10. Wisconsin deployed over 500 unmanned unsecured ballot drop boxes.
  11. Georgia secretary of state started processing absentee ballots weeks before election day and destroyed the signature verification systems
  12. In 2016 6.4% of absentee ballots were rejected in Georgia. This year fewer than 1% were rejected. More than 30x less.
  13. Witnesses have sworn that postal workers were illegally back-dating ballots and unloading boxes of ballots with the same signature
  14. Ballots with no fold were reported in the thousands, no fold means it wasn’t mailed
  15. Republican poll watchers forced to leave polling stations and suit cases of ballots were pulled from under tables.
  16. Dominion voting systems switched 6k votes in one county alone with no explanation
  17. Media and tech companies working to censor information of voter fraud and Biden China scandal

Most people have absolutely no clue that this occurred, because of Big Tech censorship.

It is more, without a doubt, that Big Tech (Facebook, Amazon, Twitter) and the Jewish lamestream media outlets are in collusion with the communist Democratic party.