Well, if you needed any further evidence that this new strain is the new main plot line of Western society, here you go.


Oil dropped towards $50 a barrel on Tuesday, adding to losses from the previous session, as a mutant variant of the coronavirus in Britain revived concerns over demand recovery.

Detection of the new variant prompted several countries to close their borders to Britain. The BBC cited France’s Europe Minister as saying that the two countries would announce a deal to restart freight by Wednesday.

Brent crude was down 60 cents, or 1.2%, at $50.32 a barrel by 11:58 a.m. EST (1558 GMT), while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude fell 72 cents, or 1.5%, to $47.25.

Both benchmarks slid nearly 3% on Monday, partly erasing recent gains driven by the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, seen as key to allowing a return to normal life.

The latest rally culminated in Brent hitting $52.48, its highest since March, on Friday. Prices have then come down amid concerns about the virus spreading. Some see potential for prices to fall further.

“The holiday malaise has set in on oil,” said Phil Flynn, senior analyst at Price Futures Group in Chicago. “Now that we have stimulus done, and we still have concerns about the new strain of virus, people are heading to the sidelines,” he said.

Oil gained support from U.S. Congress approval of a $892 billion coronavirus aid package after months of inaction.

They played up this vaccine as a solution to the coronavirus crisis. Now the vaccine is out, so they had to explain why the crisis isn’t going to end.

Enter the “new strain”.

I told you they would do this, of course, just like I’ve told you everything that would happen regarding this coronavirus hoax. I’m not looking for credit here, but just ask yourself this: if I was following the mainstream narrative, where events are just happening and politicians are responding to them as they happen, would it be possible for me to predict things with this level of accuracy?

Clearly not.

That is in itself very strong proof of what I am saying regarding the fact that this is all a gigantic hoax: viewing it as a hoax is the only hermeneutic capable of allowing you to predict the next step of it, at each point along the way.

Everyone who believed the “series of random events” theory of the coronavirus believed that it would end with the vaccine.

Other than the mainstream media, I have little exposure to true believers in the virus, beyond what I see in the media. However, I have been vaguely following the neo-Nazi movement. For reasons you would have to figure out yourselves, neo-Nazis have begun promoting every major agenda of the Jewish system, including the coronavirus hoax. No kidding.

Much of the energy of these people throughout 2020 has been in trying to frame people skeptical of the lockdowns as “conspiracy kooks.”, just like any other typical normie does. They spend most of their internet space – which is primarily on Twitter, where they are allowed to remain uncensored (despite using the “hate speech” which I was allegedly banned from everything for) – arguing with right-wingers who are opposing the lockdown.

I recently saw this from one of their leaders:

I saw that and said “yeah, okay buddy – we’ll just wait and see if they don’t come out with another virus to keep this lockdown going.”

And here we are: new strain.

I knew this was going to happen because I knew that the original purpose of the lockdown did not in any way relate to public health. So, if the lockdown was not related to public health, then obviously, it won’t be solved with a public health solution.

It will never really be solved. They are planning on having people wear masks in public, having them stay inside their homes, restricting human contact, and so on, forever. Some of these measures will last as long as the regime lasts and they will always pull out a new virus whenever they feel they need to inflict massive trauma on the public in order to get them to go along with a major change.

The only time things will cool down a little bit is when the goal of the virus hoax is finished. The goal is to completely crush the middle class, stripping them of all of their wealth, transferring that wealth to the banks, the billionaire class, and multinational corporations. Once that process is complete, you’ll see some of this virus stuff start to be scaled back.

At that point, we will start to make a pivot into “global warming” as the core reason that people cannot live normal lives as they used to. That is when you will see the bug paste rolled out, and the move to get people into “pods” – that is, tiny studio apartments in high-rise buildings.

All you have to do to “predict” this is look at their longterm agenda. Then it becomes very easy.