Did I not tell you a “new strain” hoax was coming, to be used as a means to up the ante?

Of course I told you.

I tell you every aspect of this coronavirus hoax before it happens.

Not because I’m a prophet, but just because it’s all straightforwardly obvious.

The Independent:

EU states have started suspending all incoming air travel from the UK amid mounting concern over a new strain of Covid-19.

Five countries have so far introduced travel bans from Britain following the discovery of a new variant of coronavirus in the UK that is up to 70 per cent more transmissible than the original.

Germany is the latest to have suspended travel, announcing the move shortly after Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium made similar decisions. Others, including France and Ireland, look poised to follow suit.

A spokesperson for the German government said on Sunday afternoon that the country was working on a regulation to restrict travel from Britain to protect the country from the new coronavirus variant. It wasn’t immediately clear when or for how long the restrictions would last.

Italian foreign minister Luigi di Maio meanwhile announced on Sunday morning: “As a government we have a duty to protect Italians. For this reason […] we are about to sign the provision to suspend flights with Great Britain. Our priority is to protect Italy and our compatriots.”

In the early hours of the morning, the Dutch health ministry issued a statement stating that a virus with the variant described in the UK had been identified in the Netherlands in early December.

More than just upping the ante on travel bans and lockdowns, this new strand is likely going to up the ante on the vaccine. They will tell you “oh well, this new strand means the vaccine you got doesn’t work anymore! Too bad! The good news is, we’re continuing to develop new vaccines every day, and you just need to sit tight and wait for the alert when we call you in to get another vaccine!”

This is the plan that I’m aware of: endless lockdowns, endless vaccines.

So: it wasn’t hard to see the “new strand” hoax coming down the pipe.