At least 70 flights from the UK have landed in the US since the hysteria began over the “virulent new strain” of coronavirus over the weekend. This is as virtually every Western country – including Canada and Australia – have banned flights from the UK, and several countries have reported cases of the “new strain.”

The US government is saying that there is nothing to worry about, and no need to ban flights.

Both Virus Master Anthony Fauci and Robert Redfield of the CDC are saying we shouldn’t really be all that worried.

The government should “without a doubt keep an eye on it,” Fauci told CNN on Monday.

“Follow it carefully, but don’t overreact to it,” he added.

Can you imagine Anthony Fauci saying that someone else is looking like they’re overreacting? This is the guy who demanded that we shut down the entire country, and then whenever anyone dared to suggest we open something back up, went completely nuts.

This is not in character for Fauci over the last 10 months – but it is in character for the Fauci of January of this year, when he was advising that we not ban flights from China.

Meanwhile, political leaders on the left are grandstanding, demanding that something be done about the encroachment of this virulent new strain, which Boris Johnson has claimed – without any evidence whatsoever, mind you – is “70% more transmissible.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is among those complaining about it.

On Twitter, Cuomo actually said: “we can’t let history repeat itself.”

And that is frankly what we are obviously seeing. It would be difficult for it to be any more obvious than it is, in fact.

The Next Steps in the Agenda: The Coming Biden Lockdown (Extreme Double Mask Edition)

This is all very obvious for those who do not believe that the coronavirus is a crisis, and are looking at these media events as not random politicians trying to deal with problems as they arise, but a script being followed. Everything that happens with this virus agenda makes sense from the position of “this is a total hoax to push a completely different and unrelated agenda.” It makes it very easy to make predictions about what happens next. So, understand that: I’m making predictions not as a prophet, but as someone who is looking at the longterm agenda, and knowing where they want to go. In the spring when I was predicting all the things that are happening now, a lot of people said, “oh, you seem to think you’re some kind of doom prophet – this stuff you’re saying won’t happen!”

But it all happened. What I’m saying here will also happen. I’m not predicting it, I’m simply looking at what they are doing. What I’m saying is not prophecy anymore than saying that after a man walks into McDonald’s, he’s likely to walk up to the counter and order a burger is “prophecy.” All I’m doing here is describing the obvious next steps in a plain series of events.

This is what is happening: this “new strain” nonsense, including the US government reaction to it, is all being staged, with the plan being to give Joe Biden grounds on which to enact crippling new coronavirus measures, while blaming Donald Trump.

Let’s take a little trip down Memory Lane: When this hoax first got started all the way back in January, Anthony Fauci was out on TV saying not to ban flights from China. Then, eventually, Donald Trump did ban flights from China, against Fauci’s advice. Then, they started claiming that the virus was a serious problem, they started faking this massive death toll, and they said that the virus came over in large quantities because flights were not banned earlier – and that this was Donald Trump’s fault.

We see the same exact setup here. Everything about this “new strain” is being set up as a sequel to the first coronavirus crisis, following all the same basic plot points.

What they are going to do is continue to allow flights from the UK for a little bit longer, then eventually shut them down, but then, it will be too late. We will be hearing endlessly about how the “virulent new strain” is taking over the country. We will hear about X number of infections, X number of increased deaths, and blah blah blah. (There won’t be any evidence for any of it, and no one will know anyone who died, but it has already been established that people will believe a virus hoax without evidence).

They’ll bring out the graphs and statistics and people will fall in line. At this point, people are adapted to this, and they are falling in line simply because it has become routine. Much of the purpose of this whole thing, beyond collapsing the economy and taking away all of your Constitutional rights, is to train you to fall in line.

What’s more is, they are going to say that the vaccine is not as effective against this “new strain”. They’re going to say that though it is partially effective, it isn’t enough to protect people, because the new strain is so virulent. They will eventually say that we need a new vaccine. However, they won’t start saying all that until they’ve injected significant numbers of people with this current “vaccine”. Also, they will continue to demand everyone get injected with this vaccine, even though they will be saying it doesn’t work, saying that it “provides some protection.”

Of course, it won’t just be America that shuts down, it will be the entire West. It will just be that America will be leading the charge.

Obviously, Donald Trump will be blamed for all of it.

Then, this will be when Joe Biden is coming into office (or so they hope), and he will say “I have to move to stop this virulent new strain that Donald Trump failed to protect us from,” and that will result in new measures that are even worse than the worst measures we’ve seen so far.

This is going to be the real lockdown, where vans ride up and men in hazmat suits jump out and grab people and haul them off to God only knows where. They will also start taking people’s children from them. It will be all of the worst nightmares that we’ve been talking about throughout the crisis, finally manifesting.

The Apocalypse and You

When I was predicting things that are happening now in the spring, one of the big criticisms was that I was too negative, and that I didn’t tell people what they should do to avoid the worst of it, but this was actually untrue: I told people to move out of the cities. I have explained that it is easy to find a place outside of the main cities that you can commute to, and that you will save enough money living outside of the city that it will cover the cost of the commute.

However, if you can’t move out of the city, because you’re too young, or for some other very specific reason, then I’ve told you the best thing you can do is prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what is coming. I know it sounds like a trope, but the value of getting yourself right with your fellow man is something that cannot be overstated. Things are going to get very bad, and you are going to need to call on fellow man, and that will be easier to do if you’ve already made that connection before things got really bad.

The final thing that you can do is this: do whatever you can to keep Trump in office. Even if Trump stays in office, it’s still going to get bad, but it’s not going to get bad like it’s going to get bad if Biden takes over. You people need to get out in the streets, as I’ve told you from the beginning. It’s not for nothing – if everyone would have done it, we would have won outright by forcing audits of the votes and by forcing the Supreme Court to look at the fraud.

Do what you can to support Trump. At the very least, be there on January 6 in Washington for his big rally. He’s asked you to be there. Who knows? He might just declare martial law, and allow us to skip all of this lunacy that is coming down otherwise. That remains a possibility, and it is something that you need to fight for.

The most important thing I can tell you is this: we are going to survive this thing. No matter how bad this gets. For the White Christian people of the West, you will overcome this, and will in the end be triumphant over the forces of evil who stand against you.

Keep the faith, keep strong, always do what you know is right.