Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has taken to Twitter to denounce the government’s $600 coronavirus “relief” check.

“Politicians put people out of work, killed small businesses, and said it was to protect us. And now Congress wants to send Americans $600 for their troubles?”, Robertson wrote late Monday.

I have been pointing out that many had their entire life’s work destroyed. Especially Whites! If you own a shop, or a service business, or a restaurant, — if you’re White — you may have worked decades. The government made the executive decision that you avoiding the flu was more important than your work, so they took your work away.

Robertson’s show was shut down by Jews who did not like the Christian message. He put a Christian angle on his anti-lockdown, anti-government statements as well.

“Here’s what I know after more than 7 decades on this earth: One kingdom-minded redneck can help a down-and-out redneck better than the government ever could. If we turn that responsibility over to the government and let ungodly legislators determine how to help us and how to spend our money, there’s no doubt our money will be used for ungodly ends,” the 74-year-old continued.

Robertson, who has been an active Trump supporter, said that right now is the time “to fight for the right to decide how to use our money to care for the poor, minister to the needy and advance the message of Jesus.”

Of course, it was always time to fight back against this satanic regime, but it has never been harder than it is right now.

Robertson deserves a lot of credit for getting out there and saying something. You’d think it would be easy enough to do, but so few bother.