Alyssa Milano thinks she can question the Jews just because she looks like one. Well, Jews have got some news for her.

Alyssa Milano posted a good tweet regarding the fact that our government has money for Israel, whilst they don’t have any money for us:

She has since deleted the tweet after being mob-attacked by Jews.

There were dozens of news articles printed attacking her.

Others on Twitter, including the weasel Jew, Debra Messing, piled on.

“How could any single person question billions in taxpayer funds being sent to my home country of Israel?”, Messing wonders.

Meanwhile, she recently tweeted out that she hopes Donald Trump gets sodomized in prison.

Journalists on Twitter also piled on, charged with doing damage control after Milano had alerted her millions of followers as to just how much money we are giving this foreign country.

When a goy questions the Jews, and the Jews mob attacks, and insults the goy for daring to question their masters, this is known as “goy shaming.”

She was likely also threatened with censorship or other consequences.

Milano is one of several washed up and used up actresses that has experienced a career reniassance by posting about politics on the internet. Surely, she knows which side her bread is buttered and it is not the side that says, “JEWS ARE LOOTING OUT COUNTRY BY BRIBING CORRUPT POLITICIANS!”

The only butter on that side of the bread is the, “your whole life is now destroyed and you are probably going to end up bankrupt and maybe even jailed or dead” butter.

You’ve gotta really, really believe in what you’re doing to stand up against these Jews, because they absolutely will come for you.

Milano will now go back to spewing her typical inane gibberish.

I will say, I do also agree with this tweet of hers:

I hope we get to remain here, at the back of the line.