The focus has shifted away from hysteria about death toll, to hysteria about other, less statistically-driven matters.


The Office for National Statistics has announced that coronavirus related deaths fell for the second week in a row, as many parts of the UK, including London, find themselves plunged into a new tier four lockdown.

Falling Covid-19-related deaths across England and Wales represent a rare piece of positive news as Britain finds itself isolated amid fears that a new strain of Covid-19 is 70 percent more contagious.

Virus-related deaths fell by 79 on the previous week, when weekly Covid-related deaths fell for the first time since September. Covid-related deaths had fallen by 205 the previous week.

In total, the “novel coronavirus” was mentioned 2,756 times on death certificates in England and Wales for the week ending December 11, representing 22.4 percent of all deaths.

The new figures come as many part of the UK are now subjected to an even harsher lockdown than experienced in November.

Fears have been raised that a new strain of Covid-19, almost exclusively found in the UK, is up to 70 percent more contagious and may lead to a further spike in deaths.

It is certainly strange that if the new deadly strain is rising, and threatening, that deaths would be going down.

But here’s the thing: The data itself doesn’t matter.

They can do and say whatever, based on lies or based on nothing at all. None of this have to make any sense; remember that.