They’re extending the lockdowns!

Who would have thought???

The Independent:

Matt Hancock has suggested parts of England could remain under tough tier 4 coronavirus restrictions for months as the government admitted a new strain of the disease was now out of control.

Hours after Boris Johnson cancelled the Christmas plans of millions of people, the number of daily recorded infections in the UK reached an all-time high of 35,928.

As scientists warned the new variant could be up to 70 per cent more transmissible than the original virus, Mr Hancock also refused to rule out another round of school closures, although he said that was not currently the plan.

The news of a new, highly infectious strain caused panic among Britain’s neighbours, leading countries including France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium closed their borders to travellers arriving from the UK.

After France’s decision to shut its border to passengers travelling from the UK, the port of Dover announced on Sunday evening that it was stopping outbound departures until further notice. Eurostar said it would only operate services into Britain.

The government was left scrambling to address a potential freight crisis. Responding to the upheaval, a Number 10 spokesperson said: “The prime minister will chair a Cobra meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation regarding international travel, in particular the steady flow of freight into and out of the UK. Further meetings are happening this evening and tomorrow morning to ensure robust plans are in place.”

It’s really shocking that the government found an excuse to extend these lockdowns indefinitely.

I would have thought that it would all go back to normal because of the vaccine.

In case you didn’t notice, I was being sarcastic.

This is exactly what happened in that Jewish passover myth, where in Egypt, the “spirit of the Lord” swept through all the lands seeking out the lives of the first born. Those homes that were marked with lambs blood were speared. Those without suffered the loss of a first born child. Everyone was in lockdown!

The “spirit” is the hoax virus and the lamb’s blood is the vaccine. You gotta learn your Jewish mythology to get the parallel. All in all, they’re both Jewish myths.

I told you from the beginning: this will not end until it’s finished. “Finished” means the middle class being totally wiped out, and the people accepting that they no longer have any rights.

People have come at me from the beginning, and from the beginning I’ve said the same thing.

Recently, people were out there attacking me again, saying, “see, the vaccine is coming, it’s all going to be over soon!”

I said: “Bruh. You just wait.”

And here we are: mutant virus.

Maybe the vaccine won’t work, they’re saying now.

And you must stay locked down again, indefinitely.

Hancock also this week lectured the peasants about leaving the city.

They’re releasing police at train stations now to question people on where they’re going, because that doesn’t sound like a caricature of Nazi evil at all (also sarcastic).

The Scotsman:

Matt Hancock condemned the busy scenes on Saturday night which came after the Prime Minister announced tougher coronavirus measures for the capital.

Extra police officers are to be deployed to enforce travel rules at London’s stations, with the public being urged to adhere to Government guidance.

Appearing on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Mr Hancock said: “I think those scenes were totally irresponsible.

“We have all got a responsibility.

“We in Government of course have a responsibility, but so does every single person.

“The plea that I have is that people will play their part, because it is only by acting, all of us, that we can get this under control.”

In a statement, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said it was “incredibly important” that people followed guidance, stayed at home and did not try to travel.

He added: “If you are in Tier 4, the law means you must stay at home and you cannot stay overnight away from home.

“Across the rest of the country, you must stay local.

“Follow the guidance and please do not come to a station unless you are permitted to travel.

“Extra BTP (British Transport Police) officers are being deployed to ensure only those who need to take essential journeys can travel safely.”

As I’ve said, the West is not going to be able to indefinitely promote the idea that the reason we are better than the Chinese or the Russians is that we have “freedom.” That reasoning simply does not make logical sense anymore.

It has now become pathological, and they are going to need to start promoting the idea that freedom is actually bad, and that Russia and China in fact have TOO MUCH freedom.

It’s still hard to imagine that this is all really happening.