Look, I can’t claim to be the “all-seeing- eye” with this chicanery we are subjected to in the Jewish mainstream media. As much as I would like to be unique in this enterprise, I am not, and I am laughing about how just not unique this perception is.

Let’s be honest; we all jokingly predicted this β€” that the leaders and elites pushing the virus hoax, in order to push mass vaxxing of the American populace and the peasants of the world β€” would volunteer to get “vaccinated” on live television.

If you’re not having a hearty laugh, or at least smiling at yourself for being able to see right through this bullshit and predict what comes next, like a movie you’ve seen dozens of times, don’t worry, I get it; it’s hard to find levity with all this madness going on.

It is unbelievable that our leaders will go this far to push this hoax, by having their vaccinations televised. Talk about doubling down.

Half dead Biden gets poked and what seems to be his dunce doctor wife, Jill, saw the need to point out that the black woman administering his shot was from Cameroon. That’s Biden doubling down on his, “if you ain’t vaxed, you ain’t black”. All part of his black and brown, all-inclusive communist administration.

Last week, Pence received his “vaccination”…

…after many healthcare workers who received theirs, were either fake, passed out, ran extremely high fevers afterwards, and some have been rumored to have died.

Let’s take a look at the fake vaccinations, first.

In this video, no aspiration was done and the plunger was not retracted and when pushed, had no place to go indicating that there was absolutely nothing in the syringe. They didn’t even have the decency to pretend that their was something in the syringe. Next!

This video shows the needle disappearing after being “inserted”. Where did it go? This is probably what happened.

Here’s another without any needle.

The Jewish media truly believes we’re stupid goy. There was no needle visible, at all; none that light bounced off of like it did off the freshly sanitized shoulder, then the frame is cut in two. Why? Oy vey!

Next up are the healthcare workers and volunteers who were injected with some substance that is touted to be the Pfizer vaccine.

This is a video rumored to be an old footage, where a 90 year old Margaret Keenan was injected. She was the first person to be “vaccinated”, or so we’ve been told.

After the footage aired, many who were hip to the deceit took to social media to expose it.

Apparently, she’s not 90 years old, not 91 and dead. I don’t know anymore!

Oh, she’s 102. This is getting ridiculous.

This sparked the conspiracy theorists to to go, “reeee!!!” Too much autism in one place.

This is good, nonetheless. We need more skeptics, even though that last photo shows two different scenarios and was not cropped. They are both real.

The meme wars ensued, afterwards.

You have got to laugh at this mess, and again, this is good. More awareness, be it real or fake, means more resistance.

I’m finding it difficult to breathe when I think about the longterm effects. Having certain reactions to a foreign substance in your body is normal and can be quite alarming, indeed, but this is why testing and trials are essential before rolling out a vaccination to the public. It usually takes years, however, the lying, thieving and conniving politicians, pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists, via the evil, brainwashing Jewish news outlets insist that this hoax virus is such a dire threat to all biological life that a vax is needed now!

Just to recap last week’s vaccination events:

Nurse Tiffany Dover is rumored to be dead, or at best, a covid 19 actresses (similar to a crisis actress).

She recently started a YouTube channel, too.

To be fair and rational, this young lady might just want to be left the fuck alone and there are people out there sick enough in the head to want her to actually be dead, so they could legitimize their skepticism about the vaccine. I truly hope she is still alive and just an actress.

Besides, even though the general American population is locked out of what’s actuality going on in other countries, due to their loyal and fervent subscription to the lying Jewish media, there is enough resistance to and fallout over the vaccine in other places around the globe to not wistfully think this young lady to be dead.

For example, the bold, big-ballsed, Brazilian Bolsonaro, had this to say:


Then there are these reports which are quite alarming and a cause for concern. Hopefully, they will turn some minds.

So, why are the leaders in America televizing themselves getting vaccinated?

Could it be to normalize getting the vaccine β€” to send the message to the lemmings that it is okay for them to take it. Never mind the fact that there is absolutely no way possible for viewers to know whether or not the actual vaccine that was speedily manufactured, is indeed in the syringe. I will declare now, that politicians are not getting vaccinated. They are being injected with saline. Sometimes, not injected at all. They truly believe us to be complete and utter retards.

The disrespect should make us all indignant!

What we should expect from here on out, is for them to ramp up the deceit and the shenanigans. Mark my words, the Jewish propaganda machine will employ Hollywood actors and celebrities to aid in dispensing the lies, all to get retards vaxed.

They’ve already begun to use women and soy poisoned faggots as shaming tools .

The homosexual and faggot community has been at the forefront of whining about this coronavirus and supporting destroying everyone’s lives to allegedly stop it. This is because gay faggots do not have strong immune systems. Whether you believe in HIV-AIDS or not (I do not, it’s obviously a hoax), it is clear that whether you test positive for HIV or not, if you’re a homo, you are one flu away from the grave, even if you look and feel healthy.

The sick weirdo and boy loving wizard Gandalf has been shilling the hoax like he is shilling for abolishing the age of consent since this thing started. It’s no surprise he is out there shilling the vaccine.


British actor Ian McKellen, who played the wizard Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movies, said he was euphoric after receiving his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and urged everyone who was offered the jab to accept it.

The state-run National Health Service (NHS), which is running Britain’s mass COVID vaccination programme, posted several pictures of McKellen, in a blue T-shirt and a rainbow striped scarf, giving a thumbs up as he received the shot.

He had to wear the scarf for the photo shoot.

Just in case you forgot that this man really, really likes to ram his penis into the anuses of young boys. He wanted to remind you.

Listen folks, these people are not getting vaccinated. If they are, the side effects of their vaccinations will not be televised. The vaccination is not for the elites.

The healthcare workers you see getting vaccinated in the media are just pawns being used to okay the vaccine for us plebs. They’re not getting real doses and we will be none the wiser as to whether or not what is being “injected” into them is real. They will use every single color, creed and race and optics to placate their target audiences. The real vax program will be when the military is dispensing it β€” kicking down your door to stick you with a needle and arrest you or even kill you for refusing.

They’ve even thought up covid camps in Canada.

This is no joke, guys. Covid concentration camps are on the horizon for those who refuse to get vaccinated.

Feminist Cunt and Prime Minister of New Zealand says they will make you take it by force, and if you don’t comply, you’ll be in the camps for 28 days instead of 14 days. This is some next level shit.



Fuck them all! I’m not taking it!