The “Day of the Rope” nigheth!

Now is the time to get angry! I mean totally pissed at what these politicians are doing to this country, with our hard earned tax money.

They forced many to lose their jobs, shut down their businesses and upend their entire lives over a damn hoax virus! and this is how they repay us.

They are pissing on us and telling us it’s showers of blessings. I’ve never been into the golden showers bullshit, quite frankly.

This is all very disgusting!

The Government Destroyed Your Livelihood for No Reason, and Now They’re Spitting in Your Face With a $600 Check.

We ALL need to rise up and speak out against the tyranny that is quickly costing in on us.

We need to support The Real President Donald Trump.

We need to remember why the 2A exists.