In France, many are upset about a Jewish woman being involved in a beauty pageant.

France claims to be a democracy. And yet despite large parts of the population outraged at this Jewishness, not one single politician stood up and said “I will investigate Jewish nepotism in the beauty pageant industry.”

Instead, the entire government threatened the public with investigation.


The French interior minister has said that police resources were “mobilized” in reaction to a torrent of anti-Semitic comment directed at the runner-up in the Miss France beauty pageant.

“#MissFrance2021 is not an anti-Semitic competition,” Citizenship Minister Marlene Schiappa tweeted, sending her support to April Benayoum, Miss Provence and the first runner-up in this year’s Miss France contest.

Schiappa said she has filed a report with the public prosecutor about “incredibly violent anti-Semitic comments” Benayoum has been receiving on social media.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said he was “deeply shocked” by the hate directed at the beauty queen. “We must not let anything slide. Shame on the authors. Police and gendarmerie have been mobilized,” he tweeted.

Several lawmakers and regional politicians also condemned the anti-Semitic comments.

The beauty pageant concluded on Saturday night. According to French media, Benayoum was among the favorites to win and was going head-to-head in points with Miss Normandy Amandine Petit, who was ultimately crowned Miss France 2021.

The concern is reasonable: throughout history, Jews have sought positions of power and then used those positions of power to promote their own racial kinsmen. So, the French public wants an investigation into whether or not Jewish nepotism played a role in this Jew woman doing so well in a beauty pageant. This is just another Jewish subversion tactic to control and dictate the zeitgeist of the French people. It always begins with the unfounded and ridiculous affinity all societies have towards women. If they can push a Jewish woman to the fore, it will begin the normalization of Jewishnness within the French ethos, once again as they did before the French Revolution. It is a classic political coup tactic.

Presumably, people also wondered if this contest was intended for the French, why Jews were involved at all.

This should be reasonable in any society, and a reasonable response would be for someone in government to come out and say: “I vow to investigate what is happening with these Jews in the beauty pageant scene.”

Of course, there could also have been politicians defending the Jews. There could have been a lively debate.

But no: it is simply: “shut it down.”

If democracy doesn’t allow for the public to make their concerns known, and have those concerns addressed by the government, then what. exactly is democracy?

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is surely amiss.