As I’ve told you: the virus regime is a permanent regime. We are looking at a 1000 year Virus Reich.

Yes, they want you to get shot up with vaccines, but that doesn’t bring finality. Still, they will retain the ability to continue to strip you of your basic civil rights, as they see fit.

I told you from the beginning: “as soon as the vaccine comes out, they will start talking about a new strand.”

They are doing that, and authorities have already begun to suggest that the vaccine will not be effective against this new strand.

However, not everyone has taken the vaccine, and it is important that everyone take the vaccine, so various authorities are coming out and informing the goyim that the new strand is not an excuse to not take the vaccine.


Current Covid-19 vaccines will still be effective against the new fast-spreading strain of the virus, according to EU experts.

Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, told broadcaster ZDF that ‘according to everything we know so far’ the new strain ‘has no impact on the vaccines’ which will remain ‘just as effective’. He said the information emerged following a EU experts’ meeting on Sunday in Berlin.

In a statement, the French Government supported this claim, saying: ‘This genetic variant does not seem to entail, at this stage of knowledge, a heightened seriousness or a resistance to the vaccine.’

Mr Spahn was referring in particular to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which the NHS started rolling out early this month. The jab has also been approved in the US and is on the brink of receiving approval from the European Medicines Agency.

It comes after Boris Johnson said on Saturday the variant could be up to 70% more infectious than the main strain – but the French Government said this ‘has not been demonstrated at this stage’.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said nine cases have been detected in Denmark, while the Netherlands and Australia had confirmed one each.

Italy said late on Sunday that it too had detected a single case in a person returning from Britain.

Germany, which holds the EU’s rotating presidency, has organised an urgent meeting of experts on Monday to discuss the bloc’s response to the new threat, a health ministry spokesman said.

Imagine: the masses of peasants are looking at this and saying: “Oh no! Just as we got our vaccine, a new strand emerges! What an incredible coincidence that both things happened the same week! What bad luck!”

The peasants at this stage really and truly are goyim.

Of course, peasants have always been incapable of independent political thought or critical analysis. But never before in history have the peasants been so totally without leaders.

Throughout history, the peasants have had people who they could turn to, people that would support them by giving them explanations that made sense. But that is all gone now. Now, all that exists is a hostile, hateful ruling elite, directing their media to control the thoughts of the peasants.

If all the peasant hears is: “Bad luck! Sad, strange coincidence!”, then they will assume that must be true.

It’s not fair that the peasants are treated this way.

I’m trying to be the number one person who is trying to defend them, but they’ve all been told to hate people like me.