The government truly loves us!

Look goyim, we destroyed your total economy, forever, but this is what we’re gonna get ya: we’re gonna get ya a $1200 check.

With your business destroyed – something that we couldn’t possibly have foreseen – this $900 check is going to help a lot.

With this $600, you’ll be able to get back on your feet.

USA Today:

Lawmakers struck a nearly $900 billion COVID-19 stimulus deal Sunday that includes another round of stimulus checks and badly needed jobless benefits for struggling Americans, ending a long standoff in Washington with one of the biggest rescue bills in U.S. history.

After months of impasse, negotiations came down to the wire as 12 million people are set to lose unemployment benefits the day after Christmas. The deal includes restarting a $300 boost to the federal unemployment insurance benefit, extending eviction moratoriums for renters for an unspecified amount of time and a $600 direct payment to most Americans.

Even though lawmakers reached a deal, some jobless Americans could see their unemployment benefits lapse since it may take weeks for aid to reach them due to outdated state systems, experts say.

The measure will be tied to a $1.4 trillion must-pass spending bill that will fund federal agencies and programs through Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year.

Congress passed a one-day extension of government funding late Sunday to give lawmakers one more day to review the deal to avert a partial government shutdown deadline.

For the bill to become law, both the House and Senate must pass the legislation, and President Donald Trump will need to sign it. Both chambers are expected to debate and vote on the package Monday.

There are about 200 million adults in America. That means that the total cost of sending them each $600 is about $120 billion. So it’s 13.3% of their $900 billion spending bill.

What does the rest of the money go to?

Banks, presumably.

And you know. Movie theaters. Whatever.

Nice one, Josh Hawley.

Really came through for us here, buddy.

Here’s the situation:

  • At least 20% (and possibly as high as 30%) of the entire global supply of US dollars was printed in 2020.
  • The plan is to keep printing dollars as a way to manage the decline of the US economy.
  • They could have given you a lot more than $1200.
  • It actually doesn’t really even matter how much they give you.
  • They’ve decided to give you $600.

The long term agenda is to totally collapse the dollar, probably through hyper-inflation, and then replace the dollar with a digital credit system, linked to an official government cryptocurrency.

They are going to introduce a Universal Basic Income (UBI) system, and give you a monthly allowance of credits. By the time they introduce this, you’ll have lost everything, and it will really feel like a major step up, as you will finally have money to spend.

This is all planned. No part of it is accidental. It was ordered from the top.

I rage about it, because I have said since March that this is what is happening, and that people should resist it, but frankly, no one could have resisted it. They planned all this using computer simulations that figured out how you would react to it, and they figured out the exact inputs necessary to keep you from fighting back against it.

Me standing up against it, after I’d been so heavily censored, actually meant almost nothing. If I had had the reach in 2020 that I had brute, sure – I could have done something. But I didn’t have that reach. The right-wing people who have been allowed to avoid censorship – that is, neo-Nazis – all aggressively supported the lockdown.

I was left as a voice in the wilderness.

I know many of you stood with me.

Most of you did.

There is honor in that, even though we failed to get the people to recognize what is happening.

It’s too late to fix any of it now, so the pressure is off.

Now, we are just going to sit here and watch the whole thing fall apart.

You can comfort yourself thusly: God is in control and God is going to punish all of the people who promoted this hoax in order to destroy civilization.

Those of us who stood and fought for what is right will be rewarded for it. In the next life, we know we will be rewarded. However, in this life too we may be rewarded.

For those of you with money, just remember: anything you can own is better than holding dollars. What I would want to own is real estate outside of the city.

Furthermore: any debt you can get ahold of is obviously a good thing to have.

For those of you without money: just strap in.