Black lives matter.

The other races aren’t really even human beings, and they should probably just die.


A law professor at Virginia’s Washington & Lee University has devised a creative solution to help create a “racially just” society: double-count the votes of black people to undo America’s “structurally racist” political system.

The professor, Brandon Hasbrouck, made his argument in a new op-ed series published by The Nation. Hasbrouck argued that the US political system has given unfair weight to white votes, partly because predominantly white states with relatively few people, such as Wyoming, get two Senators, while largely black cities can only occasionally overcome the mostly white votes from elsewhere in their states. He dismissed the fact that black votes in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia essentially won Democrat Joe Biden the November 3 presidential election, saying the outcomes in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were “worryingly close.”

You might think: “this is just some silly guy making a silly joke to illustrate how he wants to empower black people.”

But whether it is said in a humorous way or not, here’s the deal: if they thought they could get away with this, they would do it. They would do it because blacks vote Democrat. They would promote it with aggression and vigor.

It is beyond deranged that the media goes out there and says that this is a joke, while saying that Jair Bolsonaro is serious when he says the coronavirus might turn you into a crocodile.