The Real President of America, Donald J. Trump, is finally organizing his own rally against the heinous hoax of an election.

I had called him to do this from the beginning, and he didn’t. But he’s planning a thing for January 6.

He announced the rally on Twitter on Saturday, following a report by Presidential Assistant Peter Navarro that found that the fraud that took place on the November 3 presidential election was more than enough to swing it.

Frankly, I have no idea what the plan is.

I want to believe it is martial law, and the plan should be martial law. There can’t really be any other plan. Going all the way back to the initial decision to accept mail-in voting, there was nothing else that could have saved the Trump presidency. I said it at the time, over and over again, and people called me a doom prophet.

In the weeks before the election, I made the point to stop preaching doom, and take as optimistic of a tone as possible in order to encourage everyone to vote. I didn’t see as though I had a choice. If we would have lost after I had preached that we were going to, I would never have been able to shake the idea that I’d had something to do with it.

The President needs to put his chin up and make the call.

If he does, he will go down as one of history’s greatest figures, and like Julius Caesar, will be celebrated thousands of years after his death.

If he doesn’t, he’s going to die in prison.

The man is 74 years old. He isn’t going to live forever, but his name could, if he so chooses.

If he simply allows himself to be pushed out of office by this gross hoax, he will be demonized the same as Adolf Hitler following his unceremonious death in prison.

People around Trump are discussing martial law. His General, Michael Flynn, has called for it, as has his lawyer, Lin Wood. A plan exists to make this happen.

Surely, the Jews have a plan to stop it from happening, but the only option here is to try.

Navarro’s 36 page report (pdf here) – 6 of those pages are citations – contains primarily the information that we’ve covered so extensively on this site, though in a very scientific, organized fashion.

The Navarro Report

Navarro shows that across the contested battleground states, there was an absolute pattern of behavior which makes it evident that there was some kind of underlying coordinated effort.

The report points out the bizarre fact that on election night, Trump was leading by a lot, and in the final count, he was said to have lost by a slim margin. This makes little sense mathematically, and for it to happen in multiple states, it becomes virtually statistically impossible.

It contains some powerful graphics, which do a lot to put this all into perspective.

At present, 6 weeks after the election, nearly half of the population believes the election was stolen. The fact that nothing is being done to assuage these fears is all you really need to know – if this were really a government “by the people,” then having that number of people neglecting to believe in the system would be cause for massive alarm by the media and the establishment itself. Instead, tens of millions of people are being told to just shut up.

So: if they don’t care about these values now, why would they have cared on November 3?

Pulling the Rug Out from Under Democracy

Democracy has always been a bait and switch. All you have to do to understand this is to look at the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Does that strike you as representative of what we have right now?

Obviously: no.

(Note: I’m going to write up a full review of the UNUDHR in the near future, outlining the fact that the United States, the EU and the Commonwealth are violating more of these rules than they’re following, and that the direction society is being pushed in is the opposite of the direction of the spirit of this document).

Democracy makes all of these various promises, and it never fulfills any of them. Now, this process of baiting people with democracy is coming to a rapid stop, as we enter into an era where the ruling elite no longer need the people to believe that they are headed to some glorious future.

What we are witnessing is the removal of the promise of democracy, as we enter into outright tyranny.

The government is run by pedophiles and satanists. They want to normalize both of those things, publicly, and you can’t do that under a system of democracy.

What we appear to be seeing, with the election fraud and then the decision to allow it to be so obvious, with the media basically refusing to try to convince people it didn’t happen, feels like an announcement that the elite are ready to stop pretending that this society is anything other than what it looks like.

We’re going to see the remainder of the middle class completely driven into the ground over a couple of very short years, as the processes of the democratic system are abolished, and replaced with this new thing that was brought in with the coronavirus – rule by decree.