Women are so utterly vile.

It is hard to imagine anyone more vulgar than Horseface Jacinda.

New Zealand Herald:

Turns out the Prime Minister is just as sick of this year as the rest of us – and she’s suggested Kiwis celebrate New Year’s Eve by “giving it the middle finger”.

Appearing on ZM’s breakfast show with Fletch, Vaughn and Megan this morning, Ardern shared her Christmas plans and also received a personal gift from the radio hosts.

Asked when she was going to knock off for Christmas, she revealed that she won’t be, really.

“I’ll have my phone with me the whole time, but that’s as it should be when we’re in a pandemic!”

Did she exclaim it?

The work doesn’t stop for the PM, although news of the vaccine will make life easier heading into 2021, she said.

“We’ve done that [gotten four vaccines] because there’s a number of them in development and some are really successful, some are less successful.

The only thing women care about is being cute and having fun. “Give the finger to 2020”. Hehehe so naughty and cute!

They are obviously not fit to be in the public at all, let alone rule a nation.

This “hehehe, middle finger” bit is the microcosm of the whole thing, really.

We have to get them out.

We’ve gotta do it, folks.