Women are so stupid. In all countries, they are just dumb and goofy.

There are huge and hugely violent total astroturf protests going on in Mexico, with unhinged women claiming that the government purposefully allows women to be raped and murdered because they are sexists. That is the actual claim of this Mexican feminist protest movement.

And they claim that right wingers are conspiracy theorists.

The media tries to make their gibberish make sense by doing nothing else but pretending it is serious. They don’t ever give you the bottom line, because normal people would dismiss the claim that there is a feminist conspiracy by the government to allow women to be raped and murdered.

Washington Post has a massive article up about how women are complaining to the government about criminals committing crimes illegally:

They’re groped on the train and abused at home. Girls are assaulted at school, women at work. They’re killed in big cities and small villages.

In 2020, on pace to become the deadliest year for women in Mexico on record, activists say there is no safe place left for women here.

So they have made one. They kicked the government workers out of the federal Human Rights Commission building in Mexico City. They covered the walls with the names of rape victims and hung posters with the faces of the dead. Then they invited women and children to shelter.

“In here, you realize that you’re not really alone, that we have all suffered some kind of gender violence and nobody has taken care of us — not the state, not the police,” said Cali, a 26-year-old member of the group Bloque Negro, who like others spoke on the condition that her full name not be used for fear of reprisal. “So, it makes you feel safe to know that in here we can take care of ourselves.”

The occupation of the stately marble building in Mexico City’s central historical district, which began in September, is one of the most extreme acts of a feminist movement that has grown more aggressive amid the intensifying violence and what its members say is official inaction.

Last year, authorities here reported a record 3,142 femicides — the killing of girls and women for their gender. Activists say an undercurrent of machismo that runs through every part of Mexican society — families, communities, the government — is as much to blame as the perpetrators who kill, on average, nearly 10 female victims a day.

Elected leaders “say that they don’t know why we are angry, they say that everything is fine in the country,” said Doc, a 21-year-old who helps treat injured protesters. “But the situation is abysmal.”

Protests to fight the physical and sexual violence have overtaken cities across the country. None of the activists’ demands — including police training, a public review of government actions to stop the violence and a guarantee of the protesters’ safety — have been met.

The shelter has been a safe harbor for women fleeing violent homes, abusive relationships, sexual assault, threats or the fear of being female in a country where researchers say femicides have grown by 130 percent in the past five years.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has spoken against the violence. But he has also condemned the vandalism and violence at the feminists’ demonstrations. Protesters have dumped paint on statues, vandalized monuments, shattered windows and set fires.

López Obrador, a populist who rode a wave of dramatic demonstrations to prominence himself, has suggested the activists are protesting the “wrong way.”

“Without a doubt the feminist movement deserves all our respect, but I do not agree with violence,” he told reporters in September. “That we all achieve peace and tranquility, that is an objective that we have. We are working toward that.”

The article goes on and on and on, just whining about how hard it is to be a woman in Mexico, claiming it is a totally lawless country where women are killed and raped left and right.

Just so you understand: murder is already illegal in Mexico. So is rape.

So what is the Washington Post implicitly demanding here?

Think about it a second. It might be too obvious.

I’ll give you a minute.

They’re asking for more law enforcement.

That means that the Washington Post is asking for more cops.

They are asking for more cops in Mexico because women are having crimes committed against them.

Meanwhile in America, they are calling for the police to be abolished.

But America is filled with Mexicans, of the same sort that commit violence against women in Mexico.

Obviously, if there were fewer cops in America, there would be more people getting away with violence against women.

But listen: the agenda here isn’t what they say it is. These protests are organized and funded by the same people who organize and fund all of this stuff.

If you read Spanish, you can go to the sites of the organizers and within three steps find that it’s funded by George Soros and six million United Nations NGOs. You see the same Anarchist symbols they use the world over.

The goal is to push the agenda of feminism to the forefront of Mexican society, as they attempt to level out global morality, because of you want anarchy you focus on the feminine, first. Mexico still has traditional ideas about sex norms, and in order for the world to share a single ideology, they must get on board with feminism. So, they’re getting a crash course in it.