In 2020, the media is constantly telling you that women are being killed nonstop in Latin America, and that these governments should stop it.

The underlying suggestion is that the governments want women to die because they hate the shape of their genitalia.

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There are several problems with this very strange claim.

Firstly, the reason a lot of women get murdered in Latin America is that a lot of people generally get murdered in Latin America, and women are, at least on paper, people. In Mexico in 2019, 35,588 people were murdered. Only 3,825 of these deaths were women. That means a man is nearly ten times as likely to be murdered as a woman, and yet, men are not out in the streets protesting and lighting things on fire to protest murder.

Secondly, murder is already illegal in Latin America. Thus, it is difficult to imagine what steps the governments of these countries could take. The women don’t specify what policies they want. The only one I’m able to think of is more cops (more proxy violence), and I don’t think the Western Jewish media could possibly be demanding more cops, given that they’ve also made very sure to inform us in 2020 that cops are evil.

Thirdly and most importantly, studies show that all of the women being killed either have it coming or are asking for it.

New York Post:

A woman who posted a video of herself beheading an owl on social media was reportedly shot and killed Sunday by two assailants outside her home in Colombia.

Mileydis Aldana, whom the internet dubbed “Owl Killer” after she posted the gruesome clip, was killed Sunday when a pair of men on motorcycles opened fire outside her home in Corozal.

Aldana was leaving her home when the incident occurred, according to the Daily Mail.

She was rushed to a local hospital by family members who heard the shots but was pronounced dead on arrival.

She was questioned by police in June after they were made aware of a video showing Aldana decapitating a white barn owl, but she was not charged, the outlet reported.

It’s very funny to think of motorcycle assassins being sent to kill a woman as revenge for an owl murder.

But more than funny: it’s justice.

Most likely, this woman was possessed by demons.

When you hear these stories about these women allegedly being killed, you need to ask “what did they do?” That is the natural, rational and logical thing to do, but if you are brainwashed by and plugged into the Gynotopia’s mind-fuck indoctrination, being rational and asking logical questions is tantamount to you committing the act itself. You are “victim blaming” and “not being nice”.

Because the true answer is actually never “nothing at all.”

RIP Owly.

I hope you can rest more peacefully knowing that you’ve been avenged, my sweet bird.

Next, we need a solution to these kinds of whores: