Researchers from think-tank Civitas looked at the current state of British universities and found that freedom of speech doesn’t really exist.

The Daily Mail summarizes the study’s findings as follows:

  • 86% of universities faced severe or moderate “free speech restrictions”
  • The situation is so bad at 35% of universities that it warrants legislation to stop the censorship
  • 51% of universities have seen situations which should be examined by watchdog The Office for Students
  • 68% of universities have had a “free speech controversy” since 2017
  • 55% of universities have experienced a “cancel culture” episode
  • 72% of universities have implemented free speech policies but they actually limit the protections for speakers and groups

Comedian Andrew Doyle, who is behind the parody Twitter account Titania McGrath, wrote a piece talking about this study and his experience with freedom of speech in campuses and pointed out that “by and large, the students were polite, receptive, and eager to be challenged.” He said that the same could not be said about the academic staff, who tried to defend their “departmental ethos of promoting diversity.”

Titania McGrath

Mr. Doyle says that many academics behave like activists — an observation that most people would agree with.

But did academics turn into activists, or did activists displace the actual academics?

Are these so-called academics, who are mostly concerned about subjective emotional notions and inane ideological cyanide, actually doing any proper academic work? You know, the kind of academic work that 30 years ago would have been considered “academic work”?

They don’t really care about the discussion of facts and controversial ideas, so how could they? Again, this is what happens the feminine Animus is unleashed into public life and the social arena.

How could they be contributing anything to the academic world and to the sciences if they refuse to allow certain topics and ideas to be discussed, while ramming made-up notions such as the idea that someone born with a penis can be a woman into everyone’s throats?

The Western man has allowed poisonous critters to rot Science and academia from within, and now the rotten corpse of Science, like a rabid zombie controlled by a brain parasite, is running around society, eating the actual scientists and would-be scientists. This is essentially feminine values at work.

If people cannot freely express their thoughts and discuss ideas without fearing some kind of retribution, then democracy cannot work as advertised. Women and Feminine Values DESTROY SOCIETY!