We hear all of these things from Barack Obama about the superiority of the black race. We hear that they are more moral than whites, they are smarter, and they are the true actors of history.

However, meanwhile, Obama himself is half-white. Obviously, he can’t help that. We can’t blame him for that. However, it’s worth noting.

What he can help is the fact that his daughter is dating a white man, and he totally endorses it and supports it and invites the “white devil” to his quarantines.

New York Post:

Former President Barack Obama revealed that daughter Malia’s British boyfriend quarantined with the family in the early days of the pandemic — and their grocery bill shot up 30 percent.

In a Wednesday interview on “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” Obama, 59, called his 22-year-old daughter’s beau Rory Farquharson a “wonderful young man.”

“There was this whole visa thing, he had a job set up, and so we took him in,” Obama said.

“And I didn’t want to like him, but he’s a good kid.”

He has to say “I didn’t want to like him, because I hate the white race, but it turns out he’s nice and so it’s okay a man from an inferior and evil race is having sex with my daughter, and I support it.”

Farquharson, the well-to-do son of a London banker, ended up staying with the family “for a while” — and apparently had a large appetite.

“The only thing you discover… [is] young men eat,” said Obama, a dad to two daughters.

“It’s weird to watch them consume food. And my grocery bill went up about 30 percent,” he added with a laugh.

The 44th president spoke about the family’s extra guest after he was asked about his most fun moment as a dad during quarantine.

“Maybe teaching Malia and Sasha, and Malia’s boyfriend who was with us for a while, spades and then having some spades games,” he responded.

“And teaching them how to properly trash talk and slam the cards down.”


He is teaching the white boy how to slam, as the cursed white boy (made in a laboratory by Yakub) slams his master race daughter.

He’s also corrupting his daughter with cigarettes and probably marijuana and alcohol.

Obama doesn’t even believe in the superiority of the black race. I disgust no one does, instinctively and as a result of observation. It’s ridiculous.

He’s hoaxing it.

Yes, he might not have any control over his daughter, but he is endorsing it.

Someone should call him out.