This is a random (very average) Japanese woman
This is Councilwoman Shoko Arai

The West has been conquered.

We are going to rise – I promise you that – but the coronavirus hoax showed that on the whole, the current population does not have any fight left in them. The population, as a whole, surrendered all of their rights to the government, and allowed the government to transfer all of their wealth to the ruling elite, when the government pointed at the flu and said “trust us.”

(For the record, I want to say that there would be no reality in which I would accept surrendering all of our rights to the government. If this virus really was something more than the flu, I would still say that the people must have the freedom to make their own decisions about their own lives, and it is never the right of the government to protect grown adults from their own choices).

What we’ve seen in 2020 is a rush to get the rest of the world on board with the agenda, now that there is no real resistance from White Christians.

We are seeing that most nations are folding rapidly. I’m frankly shocked that the Moslem world has just completely rolled over, and is now allowing feminism, homosexuality, Jews, the whole deal.

China is going to be much more difficult, of course, because the West doesn’t have control over China. They have to first get control before they can even begin turning the people to the globalist agenda.

They do, however, have control over Japan, which has been occupied by the US military since the end of World War II. Yet, they have not yet flipped them to the agenda.

That process has begun now, where it always begins: with feminism.


A rural Japanese town voted its sole female councillor out of her seat after she accused its mayor of sexual assault. The public referendum over whether she had damaged the town’s reputation highlighted the backlash against women who come forward with allegations of sexual abuse.

The referendum on December 6 marked a stunning defeat for the first and only female member of Kusatsu’s town council.

With 2,542 votes for and 208 against, more than 90% of participants voted to recall councilwoman Shoko Arai for ‘’damaging the town’s reputation” after she alleged that the most powerful local politician had sexually assaulted her.

The unprecedented recall in a small town of 6,200 inhabitants, famous for its hot springs, drew national attention.

Women’s rights activists said it served as an example of how women who come forward with allegations of sexual abuse are generally treated in Japan.

Others voiced concern over how the mayor and other council members orchestrated the recall – a democratic tool meant for holding elected officials to account for wrongdoing.

The event was also a reminder of the paucity of female representation in Japanese politics. The country ranks 121st out of 153 countries in the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Gender Gap Report.

Japan is also the single least diverse nation in the developed world, with 98% of residents being ethnically Japanese (the non-Japanese are primarily Koreans, along with a few weird Whites).

And yet, it ranks 8th on the list of highest median wealth.

This utterly disproves the Jewish claim – which was obviously false on the face of it, without needing to look at data – that “diversity” (read: women and third-worlders) leads to “strength.”

Both sides claim victimhood

The dispute started late last year, after Arai, 51, said in an e-book that the town’s mayor, Nobutada Kuroiwa, had forced her to have sex in his office back in 2015.

She later explained that she did not report the assault to the police at the time because she feared a backlash, but then decided to speak out to defend other women ‘’who were treated like objects” and often shamed into submission.

Kuroiwa, 73, denied the claim, and accused her of trying to tarnish his name for political reasons. He filed a criminal complaint and a civil lawsuit for defamation. In Japan, a person can be prosecuted if they defame another by alleging facts in public, regardless of whether such facts are true or false (Criminal Code Article 230-1).

The mayor, who presides over the town council, then took the issue to the assembly, urging Arai to provide evidence.

During one session, he presented an enlarged photo of his office and pressed her to recount exactly how the alleged assault took place. Arai refused.

The council then voted to expel the councillor for ‘’degrading’’ the assembly. When that decision was overturned by prefectural authorities, Kuroiwa and his allies gathered enough signatures to hold a recall election on Arai’s position and waged a fierce campaign for a ‘’yes’’ vote.

‘Second rape’

Arai’s supporters and women’s rights activists said the way the town’s politicians labelled her a liar and relentlessly tried to discredit her amounted to a “second rape”.

The town council posted videos of some assembly sessions online showing how Arai, citing ongoing legal procedures, refused to provide evidence her colleagues demanded.

In the weeks leading up to the vote, dozens of posters accusing her of harming the town’s reputation “through her words and deeds” popped up around the town, including at bus stops, hotels and public car parks.

Writer Minori Kitahara, who observed one of the Kusatsu assembly meetings, said: ‘’Even if the mayor didn’t commit the alleged crime, the assembly itself was full of sexual violence and misogyny.’’

It is rare in Japan for victims of sexual assault to come forward with their stories. A 2017 government survey showed only 2.8% of female rape victims sought help from the police while 59% said they did not tell anyone.

According to the UN, one in three women around the world has experienced physical or sexual violence at one point in their lives but fewer than 40% sought help. Of those, only 10% went to the police.

The low figures in Japan may be attributed in part to high legal hurdles. Under Japanese law, the burden of proof in sexual violence cases lies with the victim. Societal pressure to avoid embarrassment for oneself and others, as well as widespread victim-blaming, also make it difficult for victims to speak out.

Kusatsu’s mayor defended his efforts to oust the councillor, saying her story is ‘’100% a lie and fabrication”.

He told FRANCE 24 that while judicial investigations had yet to conclude, a recall vote was necessary ‘’to stop her from continuing to spread falsehood around the world’’.

“It wasn’t my personal reputation that was at stake,” Kuroiwa said. “She was damaging the image of Kusatsu. 92.4% of the voters rejected her. It shows how much she has angered the town’s residents.”

Arai stands by her allegation. In an emailed statement, she said the referendum was unfair and suggested that the voters were under pressure to back the mayor and other councillors, who are also influential businessmen.

‘’This campaign was spearheaded by the people in power,” she said. “It goes against the principle of a recall, which is meant as a way for ordinary citizens to say whether a politician is unfit for office.’’

So, the situation is that this woman has made a claim of sexual abuse and provided no evidence as women always do. She then went around making a mess and causing trouble. Rightly, the people view her as the villain, but the Western media does not approve, and they are demanding the Japs bow to them.

The media is attempting to make this ugly, old woman a cause celebre, using international pressure to change Japanese culture.

The belief of the Western establishment is that a woman’s word is proof in and of itself. They effectively say that women are so morally superior to men, that a woman has the ability to condemn a man based on nothing other than her words. Proof and evidence — essentially the right to Due Process — are alien and immaterial to the feminine psyche and they mean absolutely nothing. The West is dominated by female values and it shows in every single facet of public life.

The mantra has become “believe women,” which is to say that they should not require evidence of a crime if they are accusing a man.

As we saw with the Harvey Weinstein case, this belief, which has been promoted by feminists for decades, is now enshrined in law: a man can now be sent to decades in prison, based on nothing other than a woman’s word. Remember, feminism is female biology; female biology gone political, and now, it is safe to say that it is female biology gone political and made law.

Lest we forget:


New York prosecutors are hailing Harvey Weinstein’s conviction as a pivotal moment that could change the way the legal system views a type of sexual assault case historically considered difficult to prove.

Most of the women who testified against Weinstein stayed in contact with him — and sometimes had consensual sexual encounters with him — after alleged attacks. None promptly reported his crimes. There was little physical evidence to bolster their stories.

The jury convicted anyway, finding the producer guilty of raping one woman in 2013 and sexually assaulting another in 2006.

“This is a new day,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said after the verdict was announced. “Rape is rape whether the survivor reports within an hour, within a year or perhaps never. It’s rape despite the complicated dynamics of power and consent after an assault. It’s rape even if there is no physical evidence.”

That is to say: it’s rape if she says it’s rape and she can say it is rape for any reason.

Daily Mail:

Harvey Weinstein did not apologize to his victims but said he felt remorse for the men and women in the #MeToo fight before he was sentenced to 23 years in prison for sex crimes in a landmark case that ended with his accusers sobbing and hugging each other in court.

The 67-year-old, who is in poor health and will not be eligible for parole for 20 years, could potentially spend the rest of his life in prison after his sentence was handed down in Manhattan criminal court on Wednesday.

The disgraced Hollywood producer’s defense team slammed the punishment as ‘obscene‘ and already vowed to appeal.

Weinstein was sentenced to 20 years on the criminal sex act charge for forcibly performing oral sex on production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006. He was sentenced to three years for third degree rape for the attack on Jessica Mann in 2013.

Just in case you forgot, both of those women admit to having “consensual” sex with him after this “non-consensual” sex took place.

This entire concept of “consent” is now on par with the mystery of the sphinx.

Yep! This is it, kids.

Essentially, you can now be sentenced to decades in prison for having sex with your girlfriend, if years afterwards she decides to say that one of the hundreds of times you had sex, she didn’t “consent.”

This is such abject lunacy that I’ve failed to fully process it. I’m trying, but trying to fit this into my brain is a square peg in a round hole type situation. Okay, I’m lying. The truth is, I’ve always known this about women. I’m just trying to get you reader to comprehend the insanity that is femininity.

Weinstein, who still faces separate sex crimes charges in Los Angeles, was wheeled out of the court in his wheelchair immediately after and will now be taken to the maximum security Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill, New York.

After two of his accusers confronted him in court with their victim impact statements, Weinstein broke his courtroom silence to say he felt ‘remorse for this situation’ but said he was perplexed by the case and the #MeToo climate in which it unfolded.

He offered no apology to his victims.

Harvey Weinstein has become a martyr.

You can say whatever you want, but he literally did nothing wrong and women deserve to be drowned in cages.

‘We may have different truths, but I have remorse… For all of you and for all the men and women going through this crisis right now in this country,’ Weinstein said, adding he was worried about ‘thousands of men’ being denied due process in the #MeToo era.

I’m totally confused. I think men are confused about these issues,’ he said in a calm but creaking voice, adding that he had fond memories of his accusers and believed he had a ‘serious friendship’ with both Mann and Haleyi.

Looking back during the trial at emails he exchanged with his accusers, he said he thought they had a good friendship.

‘I’m not going to say these aren’t great people. I had wonderful times with these people,’ he said.

Yeah and I’m sure they had great times with you Harvey – when you literally fulfilled every aspect of the bargain you made with them.

Or rather: that they made with you.

Never forget: these women came to Harvey Weinstein, because he was a powerful man. They offered sex to him in exchange for professional favors. He gave them the professional favors.

Then these filthy whores decided to claim that he “raped” them – in-between sessions of non-rape sex.

Tina Tchen, the lawyer and formerly Michelle Obama’s chief of staff and now the CEO of “Times Up Now”, speaking to a local news station on the Harvey Weinstein verdict:

I think the Weinstein conviction and today’s sentencing really marks a new era of justice in our country, where survivors are going to be believed, prosecutors are going to see these as cases that they should take to trial and juries are going to believe survivors when they testify and they’re going to convict people…and now judges are going to sentence them for long prison terms. Up until now the reality has been, of every 1,000 perpetrators of sexual assault 995 go free, either because nobody reports them or nobody prosecutes them or juries don’t convict. I think that is finally going to change.

Ominous, no?

What she is calling “a new era” is an entirely new concept of justice as it relates to women and she appears to be implying that because of this verdict, 200 times more men will be sent to prison on “rape” charges than were before this.

That is obviously the model they want to impose on the world. As a matter of fact, it is the order the Western World and much of the planet has adopted it. Of course, they can selectively decide to let certain men who serve the establishment off the hook.

(New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was recently accused of “sexually harassing” an employee by making her feel bad by telling her to dress better. Based on the Weinstein precedent, it is the woman’s experience that must be judged, and if the woman feels that a man sexually abused her [or claims to feel that way, obviously you cannot monitor her emotions], the man is guilty. Using the Weinstein precedent, Andrew Cuomo could be sentenced to prison for making this woman feel bad. However, it is unlikely he will face such punishment, given his important role in this system).

Every detail of this must be accepted by all of the nations of the world, in accordance with the will of the Jewish people who rule the nations of the world. If you haven’t figured out this important nugget of life, yet, then you’ll probably never, but it is still worth informing you:

All of human life and experiences, ideologies, institutions, values, ethical substrates — be it the home, the village, small town, city, state, country and nation, peoples and governments — are governed by two and only two, fundamental and dominant constants — the Male and Female biological value systems — nothing more!

One is Order and the other is chaos. One systematizes and builds, while the other destroys.

You can look at practically any ideological construct in society and you will find this this ubiquitous constant and duality. For example, Capitalism and Socialism. One is masculine and abides by a meritocracy. It relies on competition and rewards competence. The other is feminine and dislikes competition and any semblance of a meritocracy. It promotes entitlement and leads to total death and destruction. Unfortunately, the latter is exactly what has plagued Western Civilization and its bringing it to its knees.

Feminism, as described above, is the inroad to everything else destructive. As we’ve seen in Saudi Arabia, their first step on their rapid adoption of Western norms was to allow women to drive. They are now in the process of normalizing homosexuality.

The sad and scary reality is, femininity or a female value system prioritizes “niceness”, therefore, logic, reason and empiricism are rendered irrelevant for the sake of “being nice” and take backseats to stupidity and irrationality. “Being nice”, to the feminine mind, is the highest form of morality and what is worse, it is used and treated as a moral absolute when there are no moral absolutes. The feminine mindset cannot ascertain that treating or using “niceness” as a moral absolute, or at least, as the arbiter of morality, is itself quite subjective and most of all, dangerous. Hence, all manner of cultural and societal perversions are allowed to run amok and reign free in a feminine dominated society.

Japan should resist this pressure and they will resist this pressure, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. They were conquered in 1945, and they will be forced to do what the Jews want them to do.