Today, we have fresh mania.

Bloomberg News:

A White House official who fell ill with Covid-19 in September is recovering after three months in the hospital, though he lost his right foot and lower leg in his battle against the virus, according to a friend.

Crede Bailey, the director of the White House security office, was the most severely ill among dozens of Covid-19 cases known to be connected to the White House. Bailey’s family has asked the White House not to publicize his condition, and President Donald Trump has never publicly acknowledged his illness.

Bailey’s friends have raised more than $30,000 for his rehabilitation through a GoFundMe account. The White House declined to say whether Trump has contributed to the effort.

“Crede beat COVID-19 but it came at a significant cost: his big toe on his left foot as well as his right foot and lower leg had to be amputated,” Dawn McCrobie, who organized the GoFundMe effort for Bailey, wrote Dec. 7.

That’s certainly very sad.

However, is this some crazy thing, which no one could have predicted could result from a seasonal flu?

Well, I didn’t know, when I first read it.

So, I went ahead and searched the National Institutes of Health for articles about vascular system complications resulting from influenza.

This was the first thing that came up, dated June 14, 2019:

Acute thrombotic vascular events complicating influenza-associated pneumonia


A 58-year-old man with previous myocardial infarction presented to our hospital with fever, cough, and dyspnea. PCR testing with nasopharyngeal swabs confirmed influenza virus infection, and enhanced computed tomography and transthoracic echocardiography revealed bilateral ground-glass opacities and consolidation, deep venous thrombosis, acute pulmonary artery embolism, and acute arterial embolism that appeared to originate from thrombus in the left ventricle. Combination of a neuraminidase inhibitor, antibiotics, an anticoagulant, and anti-platelet agent improved these complications; however, amputation of the patient’s right foot was requiredBecause influenza can cause vascular events, physicians should pay attention to this complication in patients with influenza-associated pneumonia.

There are hundreds more peer reviewed articles about the way the flu can affect the vascular system. In someone who is obese, as Bailey was, sometimes this is going to end up very terrible.

The flu has always been a very deadly disease. Coronavirus is no different, as it is effectively just a rebranding of the normal seasonal flu.

There is no evidence, still, or any effect resulting from coronavirus which has not previously been seen in flu patients. Furthermore, there is as of yet, no evidence that anyone who has died or experienced complications from the coronavirus wouldn’t have gotten a different seasonal flu and ended up in the same situation. As we know, we have not seen an increase of deaths in 2020, which means that the same number of people are dying this year as would have died any other year.

Furthermore, coronavirus is now getting blamed for other flu infections.

Nothing has changed because of this virus. Everything that is happening is a result of the government’s response to it.