Sweden has fallen! On November 18, 2020, against the advice of Chief Scientist, the Swedish PM ordered a lockdown and started bleating “build back better”. This really is the cover for the WEF/Schwab “great reset”. This was a very sad day for freedom and a dark portent of things to come.

Sweden was the elephant in the room for the globalists. Sweden’s no lockdown strategy resulted in about the same amount of average deaths as every other year proving lockdowns and covid-19 are bullshit. The globalists and people behind the “great reset” are running PR campaigns to shame Sweden into locking down. The Swedish PM is now pushing “build back better” which is a “great reset” term.

So, why are cases up in Sweden? Well, it’s because it’s flu season, the government is testing more, and many labs are marking any coronavirus (there are several coronaviruses) as covid-19. They can also amplify the PCR cycle to easily get false positives.

Total mortality per year is pretty much the only important metric. “Cases” has become scientifically meaningless.

Most people, for the entire year, as a result of all this hysteria around “cases”, have been living in constant fear.

This is quite unfortunate and can be frustrating at times, but to be fair, we have the lying Jewish media and stupid, evil, insane politicians to thank for constantly pumping and pushing the virus hoax propaganda.

Because of this fear, many people have been behaving irrationally; well, let’s be honest — it’s been bizarre and fucking stupid. This fear is exactly what the powers that be and the doom-mongerers want — for us to respond in this manner — irrationally. Some people’s behavior have been so irrational that they went out and got tested twice and sometimes three times, and who knows — I’m pretty sure there are some people who get a kick out of getting tested as a prank or to convince themselves about the veracity and consistency of the tests. This obviously may lead and has led to a spike in cases by false positives.

Almost all of the tests come back as false positives, because only one of the test types actually tracks the Wu-Flu. Even the CDC test kits aren’t reliable.

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” & Quarantines “Unlawful”

An appeals court in Portugal has ruled that the PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful.

Most notably this study by Jaafar et al., which found that – when running PCR tests with 35 cycles or more – the accuracy dropped to 3%, meaning up to 97% of positive results could be false positives.

The ruling goes on to conclude that, based on the science they read, any PCR test using over 25 cycles is totally unreliable.

Meanwhile US labs are running tests at 37-45 cycles…

Thankfully, people are finally figuring out about PCR cycles. Anything over 35 cycles is an absolute scam and will trigger false positives. The test should run at 30-35 cycles maximum. The US labs are using 37-40 cycles and the UK is using 45 cycles.

The creator of PCR warned about how PCR could be misused. Many countries with a high amount of “cases” are purposefully using over 35 cycles to generate false positives and keep the scam going for long as possible to usher in the “great reset”.

The PCR Test “Pandemic”, Cycle Thresholds of 35+ = False Positives. Even Tony Fauci Says So!

Remember folks:

“… if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the U.S.), the probability that said person is infected is less than 3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.”