The vaccine is being celebrated with the same blind vigor as child trannies are celebrated.

Sky News:

More than 137,000 people have received a coronavirus vaccine in the UK, it has been announced.

Nadhim Zahawi, the minister responsible for the jab’s deployment, tweeted that it was a “really good start”.

In seven days, he said the number of doses administered were:

-108,000 in England
-7,897 in Wales
-4,000 in Northern Ireland
-18,000 in Scotland

Mr Zahawi confirmed there had been 137,897 vaccinations given across the UK so far.

“That number will increase as we have operationalised hundreds of PCN (primary care networks),” he added – referencing the rollout due to begin in GPs’ surgeries and the promise it will follow in care homes before Christmas.

You’re not going to hear about the side effects, or the fact that it doesn’t actually work, for another few months.

But in a few months, they will admit that it’s caused side effects, including serious ones, and they will also announce that it doesn’t really work, meaning you have to get more vaccines, and you have to stay locked down.

They will blame it on Donald Trump, as they always do.

We don’t know what the vaccine is going to do to people, and I doubt the full extent of that will ever be publicly revealed. It’s possible that it won’t do much this time, other than potentially make people dumber, and that this vaccine is simply intended to set the stage for further mass vaccination, when they will be altering the genetics of the people on a vast scale.

I think it is more than likely that they are going to use vaccination to alter the genes of specific groups of people in specific ways.

Probably, people should read up on what gene therapy is, in order to get an idea of what is possible.

The transhumanists have been talking about using gene therapy for decades to make people smarter, stronger and better looking, as well as to extend their lives. Obviously, the opposite of those things could be done. They could also probably make you smarter, while also making you less capable of questioning authority.

This is what I’ve come to as the most likely course of action from here on out: with the coronavirus vaccine, they are forcing you to undergo gene therapy, and in the future, even if it isn’t done against your will (I think it will be), it will not be more accepted.

If someone asks about the ethics of gene therapy in the future, the media can simply say: “well, we’ve all already been genetically modified by the coronavirus vaccine.”