People got angry at me yesterday for saying “there is no legal path forward for Donald Trump now that the electoral college has voted.”

Sorry – but that is just a matter of fact. Anyone who is telling you something different than that is just lying.

That doesn’t mean that Trump won’t remain in office – there are a number of obvious things that are still technically possible that could happen and result in Trump remaining in office.

Understand that before the vote on Monday, there was an entire list of possible things that could result in Donald Trump being declared the winner of the election.

For example:

  • State governments in swing states could refuse to validate the votes
  • Electoral votes could be changed
  • Congress could invalidate the votes of certain swing states
  • An audit of the vote could show fraud, invalidating votes
  • A state Supreme Court could rule that there was fraud, invalidating votes
  • The US Supreme Court could rule that there was fraud and invalidate votes or demand a re-vote in certain swing states
  • etc.

Those options no longer exist.

I don’t know what to tell you, other than that this is just a matter of fact. This kind of legal wrangling is no longer in play.

We have to live in reality. People are sending me links to random blogs that either don’t say what the sender claims they say, or that are just goofy and wrong. The vote of the electoral college, which took place Monday, means that Joe Biden has been legally confirmed as the “President Elect,” and there are zero legal steps left before he is sworn in as President on January 20.

This isn’t my opinion, I am not drawing any conclusions, I am not offering anything other than the basic facts of the situation.

That doesn’t mean that Trump will not remain in office. It just simply means that none of these legal avenues Trump was exploring are going to result in the election being overturned.

Except, there is this:

I don’t know what that means, but there it is.

But I wouldn’t put too much on that. We keep hearing about these sorts of things, and yet nothing happens.

Obviously, it becomes statistically more likely now, after the electoral vote, that Biden will become president, given that those legal avenues are now closed. However, we should keep in mind that those legal avenues were always a long shot.

The most likely way for Donald Trump to remain in office is now for Donald Trump to declare martial law.

However: that has been the most likely way for Donald Trump to remain in office since November 3, and since before November 3. Ever since William Barr made the decision not to push back against the states doing the lockdowns, and then planning a massive vote by mail operation, the number one way for Trump to win was via a declaration of marital law.

Tuesday morning, Trump retweeted his QAnon kook lawyer Lin Wood saying that he’s going to put the Georgian Governor and Secretary of State in jail.

Lin Wood, along with General Flynn, have recently called for Trump to declare martial law to stop the transfer of power to Joe Biden.

Trump obviously knows that he’s said that, he understands that this is the implication of the tweet. He has continually suggested that he may opt to declare martial law.

The fact remains that statistically speaking, the likelihood is that Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, and we will all have to live with that fact.

This is why I’ve argued that we need to be pushing for secession.

People need to be prepared to do that, instead of getting hung up, like a deer in headlights, about this election.

Man up.

All is not lost, all is never lost as long as we’re still here.

All things are possible with unity and these things are all inevitably going to be decided by how united we are. All that any of us can do, and all we should try to do, is the right thing in every situation that we are faced with.

Understanding that we are in control can, should and must free you of the pressure of dealing with what is happening on an emotional level. You shouldn’t be afraid of the fact that Trump no longer has a legal path to be declared the winner of the election.

We’ve got this, okay?

It’s never over.

Just take a deep breath.