According to a new study, there’s only a 16.6% chance of catching coronavirus from someone you live with if that person has respiratory symptoms or a fever — but when the person presents no such symptoms, the transmission rate is 0.7%, a new study shows, according to the Daily Mail.

The study, done by researchers at the University of Florida and published by JAMA, analyzed 54 studies with more than 77,000 participants to find the average results of the data that has already been collected.

This means that asymptomatic transmission is virtually nonexistent and that getting coronavirus from someone you don’t live with and don’t interact with on a daily basis is much more difficult than the media and the government wanted you to believe.

What’s more, only 37.8% of infected people pass the virus to their spouses, an increase that can be assumed to be due to intimate physical contact. Even if you’re kissing someone with coronavirus symptoms or sleeping in the same bed, your chances of catching the virus yourself are less than 38%.

If the asymptomatic transmission rate in a household is 0.7%, we can assume the general asymptomatic transmission rate outside households to be virtually zero.

I should also remind you: even if someone does catch the virus, it is only about as dangerous as the flu.

At that point, why even bother with testing? Infected people who don’t present symptoms are not really going to transmit the virus. Mass testing serves only to fuel hysteria and paranoia, and thus to justify the outrageous actions of our totally rogue governments. The Jewish Bolshevik Communist takeover continues!