Rebecca Dallet and Jill Karofsky: Wisconsin Jewish Justices

Every time you hear anything about this racism gibberish, it’s all Jews making the claims.

The thing about the racism hoax is this: it’s not simply used to hurt white people. It is also very close to the hearts of the Jews. They understand that if whites were to show ethnic preference, Jews would have to leave white countries (or at least no longer be allowed their ridiculous level of overrepresentation). So, when it comes to white people, ethnic preference is framed as evil, and called “racism.” For others, it is framed as acceptable and praiseworthy.

Justice Jill Karofsky and Rebecca Dallet are both Wisconsin Jews.

Adam Klasfeld writes for Law & Crime: A Dan Abrams Production:

Outgoing President Donald Trump and his soon-to-be-former Vice President Mike Pence’s attempt to invalidate Wisconsin’s vote in only Milwaukee and Dane Counties appears to be racially motivated, two of the state’s Supreme Court justice remarked in a brutal Saturday hearing for the lame duck president.

Trump’s attorney, James Troupis, had barely begun to address the high court when Justice Jill Karofsky noted that the attack focused on the two counties with the state’s largest number of Black voters.

“This lawsuit, Mr. Troupis, smacks of racism,” she declared.

She gave a preprepared speech denouncing Trump.

She’s obviously using this position as judge to try to run for higher office, and taking the opportunity to create a spectacle. It’s very slimy and Jewish.

Her colleague, Justice Rebecca Dallet, echoed that sentiment by noting that Trump sued none of the state’s other 72 counties, focusing only on the “most non-white, urban” areas. Trump alleged improprieties with the Wisconsin Election Commission’s forms and claimed the forms do not properly comport with state statutes.

“You’re not asking us to throw out votes in any other counties that use that form,” Dallet noted.

President-elect Joe Biden’s attorney John Devaney noted that Trump did not complain about Wisconsin’s rules governing elections until after he lost.

“To change the rules after the election… is fundamentally unfair,” Devaney said.

Justice Karofsky found Trump’s demands more reminiscent of a king than a president.

“In this country, we accept the will of the voters, and they spoke,” Karofsky said. “What is America? . . . It is self-government.”

Referring to Trump, Pence and Troupis’s lawsuit, Karofsky added: “That is so un-American!”

This is at the core of the gigantic scam they have played on the American people: they claim that our nation is “ideas.” In this case, “self-government” (she says, as an elite Jew sitting next to another Jew determining the course of our government).

They have used Jews and fake Christian traitors to convince even conservative Americans of this “nation of ideas” gibberish.

Here is the fake Catholic Matt Walsh, an employee of the Jew Ben Shapiro, claiming that there is no “American people,” they are unique in that they don’t exist and actually, their nation is “human rights.”

America is not self-government. It is not “human rights.”

This is very easy to prove. Very simply: Our government could collapse tomorrow, or we could be subject to a communist revolution – no one thinks that if either of those things happened, that the American people would blink out of existence. That is because they exist. They are right here, flesh and blood human beings, with a shared ethnic background, culture, language and history.

A nation is not its government. Americans existed before their government, as American subjects of the Queen, and they will exist after their government ceases to exist.

If a nation-state starts giving citizenship to people who are not members of the nation, that does not mean that they magically become members of the nation.

No one thinks that a white man born in China is “Chinese.” Nor does anyone think that if the CCP government was overthrown by Falun Gong, the Chinese nation would stop existing.

The fact that the Jews have flooded America with racial foreigners, and claimed that they are now “Americans” somehow, also does not mean that real Americans have stopped existing. It is part of a plan to get them to stop existing, but they do still exist. They are right here.

Hilariously (I guess), Klasfeld closes his post by celebrating the recent election win of his kinfolk.

Karofsky recently won her own landslide election to the state’s highest court. Though Wisconsin justices are elected in nonpartisan elections, politicians of either party generally endorse them. Karofsky was supported by liberal politicians and defeated a conservative challenger by making gains in traditionally conservative portions of the state.

In April, after Karofsky’s victory, an article in the Jewish Telegraph Agency spoke of the dominance that Jews have over Wisconsin politics.

They are only 0.5% of the population of Wisconsin.


Karofsky’s election is another chapter in how Jews have flourished in the state, politically and otherwise. There are 30,000 Jews there in a population of 6 million, but Jews have occupied positions of prominence. In recent years, in addition to the three Jewish justices, two Jews have served as Democratic U.S. senators: Russ Feingold for three terms from 1993 to 2011, and Herb Kohl for four, from 1989 to 2013. Kohl, who helped found Kohl’s Department Stores, was a longtime majority owner of the Milwaukee’s NBA franchise, the Bucks.

Jews also have served in the state legislature. Dallet, Feingold and Kohl endorsed Karofsky.

That is to say: powerful Jews came together to ensure that their own people hold as many positions of power as possible.

There is no word for that process. Jewish ethnic preference isn’t “racism,” because only white people can be racist.

Because in order to be racist, you have to have power.

The fact that Jews are the single wealthiest group in America, overrepresented by ten times on the Forbes “Richest 200” list, and overrepresented by more than ten times in Ivy League universities, doesn’t mean they’re powerful.

It just means that they are hard workers.

Also, their power and control has nothing to do with their reflexive ethnic preference.

Sure, powerful Jews will always support Jews getting into new positions of power, but this has no measurable effect on anything.