Attorney General William Barr has submitted his resignation.

During his tenure as Attorney General, William Barr:

  1. Allowed Jeffrey Epstein to die in custody
  2. Prevented any investigation of Epstein’s death
  3. Did a fake investigation of the Obama Administration and the intelligence community
  4. Allowed the Obama Administration and the intelligence community to get away with spying on Donald Trump
  5. Sat back and allowed states to violate the most basic rights of citizens, permanently destroying all of our hard fought civil rights
  6. Allowed multinational corporations to lobby to have the wealth of the middle class transferred to them via the coronavirus hoax
  7. Allowed Black Lives Matter and Antifa to riot endlessly, making Donald Trump look weak and securing the right of these leftists to do literally whatever they want
  8. Allowed the FBI to refuse to investigate Antifa, claiming that they’re an idea, setting the stage for the organization to act with impunity indefinitely
  9. Refused to protect the civil rights of those victimized by antifa, often opting to prosecute them instead
  10. Refused to enforce the First Amendment against Google, Facebook and Twitter, allowing for the establishment of a mass censorship regime
  11. Refused to enforce antitrust laws against big tech
  12. Refused to enforce privacy laws against big tech
  13. Allowed for the imprisonment and prosecution of an entire list of political prisoners
  14. Ensured that Julian Assange was arrested and tortured in a British prison, ultimately ensuring that he will be brought to face fake charges in America, destroying the life of a true hero and also further eroding our speech rights
  15. Allowed for states to do mass mail-in voting, ultimately ensuring the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election
  16. Refused to investigate massive voter fraud uncovered in Minnesota, which would have totally undermined the entire mail-in voting agenda
  17. Spent virtually his entire tenure covering up the crimes of Joe Biden’s family
  18. Refused to investigate voter fraud
  19. Falsely claimed there was no evidence of voter fraud

Basically, there is no other person or party that is as responsible for this turn of events than Barr. He spent his entire tenure creating a situation deisgned to be it impossible for Trump to win.

Barr was a Jewish subversive, and thus exempted from stereotypes about boomers, but I am nonetheless very much reminded of this meme:

The boomers collapsed our entire civilization, looting wealth that grandparents and great grandparents intended for their grandchildren, turning into derelict multicultural country that their great great grandparents and great great great great grandparents secured for their progeny, and they are now dying off, escaping paying for the consequences of any of these decisions.

William Barr joined the Trump administration, purposefully designed a situation where it was impossible for Trump to win reelection, then lied and said he didn’t win reelection while blocking the investigation of the fraud, then quit to go retire at some villa down the street from the pizza parlor.

It feels as though, like a boomer, Barr is getting away with all of it.

Trump Acting Like He’s in For Longer Than Five Weeks

According to the Jewish media, Donald Trump will be forced out of office on January 20, which is fewer than five weeks away.

This would mean that he should be out playing golf, and doing some pardons maybe, having some parties, and so on. Instead, he’s going balls to the wall, moving around people in government, appearing as though he’s shaping a long-term administration.

I’m sure that cabinet members have been fired or resigned and were replaced with someone who would only serve a few weeks after a presidential election before, and most people never paid attention to it because it isn’t really relevant to anything.

On Monday, the electoral college voted, and Joe Biden basically is officially president now, although unfriendly sources and the mainstream media are touting conflicting information.

GOP Electors have submitted ballots for President Trump in the following States:
• Nevada (6)
• Pennsylvania (20)
• Georgia (16)
42 Electoral Votes total.
Congress decides.
Could be 274–266 Trump victory.

I’m There no longer in the “Trust the Plan” boat and don’t think I ever was. The Democrats have officially stolen the election by fraudulent and illegal means as was expected all along. There is no remaining path for Donald Trump to remain in office, other than a declaration of martial law. It’s possible that something weird could happen, but I don’t know what it would be.

Trump’s lawyer Lin Wood is a bit of a kook, but he is a competent kook. He won Nick Sandmann tens of millions of dollars from the Jewish media.

He has called for Donald Trump to declare martial law, and he is out there saying that he’s “100% certain” that he’s going to do it.

I have no idea what he is basing this on, obviously. One would think he has to be basing it on something.

At the same time he’s saying “patriots are in control,”  he’s saying William Barr is good (?).

He’s also posting the Epoch Times, a CIA Chinese cult publication.

I don’t think much should really be put on what Wood is saying.

Richard Donoghue, who is replacing Barr, is not Jewish. So, that’s an improvement.

He has master race physiognomy.

However, these Irish Catholics in New York have a relationship with the Jews, wherein a lot of them function as pure servants of the Jews. Donoghue went to Hofstra University, he’s worked with Jews and been promoted by Jews his entire time at the DoJ.

He doesn’t come across as a revolutionary.

But, who knows.

It could be this is all part of the plan, it could be patriots are in control.

But I wouldn’t count on it. If I were you, I would be preparing yourself, emotionally, financially and physically to deal with Joe Biden becoming president on January 20. Or, maybe it will be Kamala Harris, given that Biden may in fact be dead.