Remember: there remains zero actual evidence that carbon changes the weather.

The actual amount of warming that is taking place is so minimal as to be completely irrelevant, and it is simply caused by the fact that we are still at the tail end of an ice age. It would also help to comprehend that we live in the atmosphere of the sun.

Ice age cycles are determined by fluctuations in the intensity of the sun.

If the planet was to warm as much or more than the global warmers are claiming, it would be good for growing seasons and make the earth generally more productive.

This is all a gigantic scam, but it is so big of a scam that they expect you not to be able to process it, and think that there must be some evidence for it that you just haven’t seen, but the answer is: no, there is no evidence. There are a bunch of fake graphs that are wrong every time.

Al Gore was put all over the entire media 15 years ago, and according to what he was saying at the time, we should all be under water now. Eventually, they’ll get these insane taxes through, and tell you “oh well, we would have been under water now, but we passed a global tax to crush the middle class of primarily white countries, so we still live on land.”

Sky News:

The UN secretary general has called on all countries to declare a climate emergency or face “catastrophic” results.

Dozens of world leaders spoke at the virtual Climate Ambition Summit on Saturday – from the smallest nation’s worst-hit by climate change to the world’s worst polluters.

Nations at the UN summit were urged to “stop the assault” on the planet and increase their ambition on cutting the greenhouse gases that drive climate change.

United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres warned leaders the world was heading for a “catastrophic” 3C of warming, as he urged them to declare a state of climate emergency in their countries until they become carbon neutral.

Just 38 countries have done so already.

The online summit was set up to keep pressure on countries to make ambitious carbon reduction plans, after last month’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) climate talks were postponed a year due to the pandemic.

Three degrees Celsius is supposed to do what exactly, even if true?

Make everyone sweaty all the time?

None of their claims about how it would transform biomes make even a fraction of sense.

Global warming is part of the same agenda as the coronavirus hoax. It is about transforming the culture, destroying the middle class in white countries, removing everyone’s rights, and creating a one-world government. The Global warming scam was supposed to be and do what the Coronavirus scam is and is doing — creating a “great reset”.

That’s all. It isn’t complicated. There is nothing really to dissect about the global warming scam. It’s just a bunch of fake graphs. We know that the graphs are fake, because their predictions fail, every time, then they just invent new graphs.

Does anyone remember Climategate? Where all those IPCC scientists got caught faking data in leaked emails? That is over ten years ago now, and it’s just been totally buried. Like, nothing happened.

The media covers it all up, and tells you this is real, because the media is simply the propaganda arm of a global governmental agenda. A Jewish global governmental agenda.

Remember: the United Nations was literally formed to act as a global government. They were very straightforward about this at the outset.

What they weren’t straightforward about was your declaration of universal human rights. They said that in the global government system, you would have this list of rights, and those have now all been abolished. The global governmental system is not going to be free, and it isn’t even going to be democratic. It is going to be outright tyranny, where a high tech surveillance system managed by AI controls your every movement, and your genes are altered with vaccines.

Understand: this is all happening now.

That is what coronavirus is, and that is what this coming “climate emergency” is.

We are moving very rapidly into a future that you can’t even imagine.