That we would ever allow any homosexual to donate blood shows that we are not a serious civilization.


The United Kingdom on Monday lifted its ban on gay and bisexual men in long term relationships donating blood. The previous policy banned men who have had sex with men in the past three months from donating blood, due to fears of HIV transmission.

The change in policy will be effective in 2021, according to British media outlets. Assessment of donors will be made on an individual basis, rather than a blanket restriction. According to reports, Britain’s NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) said men in a long term relationship will be able to donate blood, if there is no known exposure to a sexually transmitted infection and they are not using anti-HIV drugs PreP or PEP.

A two-year review conducted by FAIR (For the Assessment of Individualised Risk) investigated whether sexual behaviors could be an effective measure of assessing individual risk of sexually transmitted infection, which could be passed on through blood transfusions. The UK government has taken into consideration the findings of this study, reported The Telegraph.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told media that the step “recognizes individuals for the actions they take, rather than their sexual preference.”

Restrictions across the globe

Countries around the world had imposed a blanket ban on blood donations by gay and bisexual men during the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s. Since then, many nations have reviewed their policies.

The US lifted a ban on men who have sex with men donating blood in 2015, but up until earlier this year required an abstinence period of 12 months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that was reduced to three months.

Northern Ireland has also cut the abstinence period to three months as well. Australia also plans to cut down the abstinence period. France ended its ban on gay men donating blood in 2015.

Germany too requires a period of abstinence for 12 months from LGBT+ men. However, with blood reserves running low, the German parliament has been debating the lifting of restrictions.

Think about it: Why are gays so obsessed with donating blood, if not to try to purposefully spread disease?

Most gays are not so poor they’re worried about the $50 or whatever it is they give you (men who do not deal with women tend to have a lot of money, frankly).

So, why are they out there demanding that they be allowed to donate blood?

Well – obviously – the biggest drive behind homosexualism is SADISM. That means “they get pleasure from inflicting pain.”

These homos go home and masturbate thinking about all the people they just gave diseases to with their tainted blood. Probably, when they’re in the blood drive offices, they have erections, excited about how many they’re going to infect.

Imagine saying: “I love homosexuals so much, I want to pleasure them by allowing them to give me diseases.”

The whole “cuck” phenomenon is masochistic.

So I guess these people are made for each other.

However, if someone gets in a car accident, they don’t get to choose whose blood they want.