Imagine this bitch having that hair and thinking that people aren’t going to want to kill her.

Fox 2:

A Detroit Democrat has received multiple threats including one telling her she should be lynched after several Michigan lawmakers participated in a hearing on election fraud last week.

Rep. Cynthia Johnson was among three Democrats on the House Oversight Committee that listened to testimony from several residents arguing they witnessed election fraud in the 2020 election in November.

“You should be swinging from a (expletive) rope you Democrat,” said part of a voicemail left on Johnson’s phone, amid several other racist remarks and references of violence.

Johnson posted the audio recording on her Facebook page over the weekend, along with several other screenshots of her phone’s call log showing unanswered calls from cities around the country.

To be fair, the woman made some really good points, despite her UP accent that sounds Canadian.

It’s so bizarre the way boomers are just now figuring out that this system is a scam, and are responding by threatening to kill politicians.

If these people simply would have listened to us a few years ago, we could have come up with a plan and prevented this situation from happening. Instead, they wait until the problem is right up in their faces to acknowledge it, and their plan of action is to leave death threats on the voicemails of elected politicians.

I just hope that we can use this boomer energy for something good, and keep them from going on rampages.

I just want to say once again: secession is in the realm of possibility. That can happen.

If Trump loses, and we do not secede, then we are basically all doomed forever.

Here’s the truth about this lying scoundrel.