The latest from Bill Gates: Bill Gates says the middle class should continue dumping all of their collective wealth into his personal bank account.


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believes a return to “normal” life is further down the road for the US than people expect, despite a Covid-19 vaccine being approved and distributed this week.

Conceding that by the summer of 2021, the US should be “way closer to normal than we are now,” Gates, who has donated millions to vaccination efforts through his foundation, believes a full return to normal will likely not be possible until after 2022.

The billionaire told CNN on Sunday that “unless we help other countries get rid of this disease” and see “high vaccination rates” within the US, the “risk of reintroduction” will be possible.

“Big public gatherings” should continue to be banned and most bars and restaurants around the country should “sadly” be closed to curb infection rates, according to Gates. A real return to normal, he theorized, is possible only after 12 to 18 months “if we manage it well.”

It is a fully established fact that these lockdowns have destroyed the middle class and they have vastly enriched the billionaire class. Bill Gates has made billions, while your business was destroyed because Bill Gates said you had to close it.

What is incredible is how transparent it is.

Just look at the three headlines together.




You don’t exactly need to be Sherlock Holmes to make a couple of key logical deductions.

Nothing is going to be normal in 2021, because the economy will have totally collapsed through hyper inflation. The middle class is going to try to return to normal, and find that there is no normal to return to. Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci took it.