Pictured: A woman prays that the government will give her permission to murder her infant child.

The core of women’s rights is the ability to murder children, legally.


Argentina’s lower house of Congress approved a bill to legalize abortion in the early hours of Friday morning, a big step forward for the legislation that could set the tone for a wider shift in conservative Latin America.

The draft law, which would allow the legal termination of pregnancies up to the 14th week, was passed with 131 votes in favor, 117 against and six abstentions. It will now move up to the Senate, where an even tighter vote is expected.

Supporters of the legislation, dressed in distinctive green scarves, cheered and hugged each other in the streets of Buenos Aires after the vote for the bill, which was backed by the government.

Some of the opponents – who had also marched outside Congress through a mammoth debate on Thursday and stayed out all night for the decision – were in tears.

The votes in Argentina, the birthplace of Pope Francis, come amid calls for greater reproductive rights for women across the predominantly Roman Catholic region.

“This is a fundamental step and recognition of a long struggle that women’s movements have been carrying out in our country for years,” Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, the government’s Women, Gender and Diversity minister, said after the vote.

“We are going to continue working so that the voluntary termination of pregnancy becomes law.”

“Voluntary termination” is very unfortunate language, isn’t it?

The baby doesn’t volunteer to be terminated.

How morbid is it that we’ve lost sight of how morbid this is? Imagine that they stick pincers into the womb and start pulling limbs off the infant.

Even if you’re going to say that it should be legal, shouldn’t there be some gravity surrounding the issue?

Look at these animals celebrating.

How exactly did we go from “this is a very sad thing, but it is necessary in certain cases” to “OH YEAH, BABY, ABORTION, THAT’S MY RIGHT – OH YEAH, I’M GONNA HAVE AN ABORTION, BABY, AND DADDY CAN’T STOP ME”?

How is it that anyone imagines that women do not need to be controlled?

Frankly, the fact that it is murdering children is not even the core of the issue.

What this is saying is: women cannot be held responsible for their own behavior, in any situation. They will be protected from the consequences of their own decisions, no matter how serious those consequences might be, or how high the price for preventing women from facing those consequences.

When men are in charge of a society, they say: “we need to work to continue establishing systems of order, which provide for a healthy, safe and productive society.”

When women are in charge of a society, they say: “I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO WHATEVER I WANT ALL THE TIME AND NEVER FEEL SAD!!!!!”

Just from an objective standpoint, how could anyone imagine that allowing women power in society is a good idea? It is simply an objective fact that they absolutely do not care about anything other than their own pursuit of hedonistic pleasure.

Again, I am obliged to remind you: what you are seeing with the old Catholic order of Latin America being overturned, right now, in the middle of this virus hoax, is part of the larger agenda to get every third world country up to speed with the West as we enter into the one world system.

That is to say, abortion in South America is directly connected to Morocco normalizing ties with Israel and Thais protesting the monarchy.

Everyone has to be on the same