Angela Merkel is childless and pushing 70. What does she care about the future of Germany?

Even if you believe the fake statistics, the lockdowns don’t work.

But they keep upping the ante.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ordered tougher Covid-19 restrictions after the existing measures failed to stop the spread of infections.

The new rules will take effect on December 16 and last until January 10. All non-essential shops and services, like hair salons, will be shuttered. Schools are urged to send students home and continue lessons online, while employers are asked to allow workers to work remotely.

Daycare centers will also close, but parents will be able to take paid holidays in order to look after their children. People will be banned from drinking alcohol in public and buying fireworks for New Year’s Eve.

“We were forced to act and are acting now,” Merkel told reporters, explaining that the existing measures were “not enough.”

Germans have been living under a partial national lockdown, and it was widely expected that tougher restrictions would be announced.

Whether or not the lockdowns work or don’t shouldn’t even be the question, frankly. The question should instead be: does the government have the right to make decisions about the risks you choose to take?

I have continually asserted that they do not, and that grown adults should be allowed to make their own decisions about how they live their lives.

This was of course always the standard understanding of how society works, as a rule: adults are autonomous and responsible for their own lives.

It’s especially nonsensical in Germany, where a few years ago, the government flooded the country with Islamic gang-rapists who would mob-attack women on the streets and grab their breasts and vaginas while screaming the hilarious catchphrase “ficki ficki.”

The government responded to the population having problems with this new threat that the government had introduced by telling the women who were being attacked that it was their personal responsibility to prevent the attacks by wearing clothes that cover their whole bodies and avoiding areas with too many Moslems.

If they were in a situation with a lot of Moslem men, they were told to “keep them at arm’s length, i.e., dodge them like running the Gauntlet in American Gladiator.

This is a massive contrast between “sorry, we can’t help you with this threat we introduced, you’re just going to have to figure it out” and “you have no right to figure this out, we are going to force you into safety, even if it destroys your life and the lives of generations to come.”

Furthermore, the women who were told to “duck and cover” when faced with mobs of Islamic gropers were usually teenage girls. Typically, we put more obligation of personal responsibility on grown adult men, who are being subjected to these coronavirus regulations.

Grown men have, up until 2020, been permitted to take more or less whatever risks they wanted with their own lives.

Anyway – whatever.

That’s just one more way to break down how insane this all is.

I can keep doing that in all these different, novel ways, but it’s never going to have any impact on the governments that are making these decisions, as they are not doing this for the reasons they claim to be doing this.

This is not about public health, it is about stripping people of their rights and collapsing the economy, looting the middle class of their wealth, as part of a program to bring in a New World Order.