Back in March and April of 2020, the deadly virus was planning to kill millions, but it ran into one small problem: belligerent cunts.

If you thought the real heroes of this country were the quiet working people, who labor away to feed their families, then I hate to break this to you, but the opposite is true. Working people are pure evil, and they want everyone to die from the flu just so they can not starve to death. The real “heroes”, my friends, are the scumsucking healthcare bastards.

The superhero hysteria-care workers were, and are still, considered to be the greatest human beings on the planet. They even took the “S” off of Superman’s chest, and they managed, all by themselves to take “B” off of Batman’s belly.

Was that meant to be a Chinese woman as the doctor there in that pic? Wearing freaking crocs? And NO mask? Maybe that’s what Superman is trying to tell her. “Put my cape around your face.” “Also, stop putting pee into your patient’s veins.”

“We salute you.”

What the media showed back then was a bunch of Black and brown people “saving the day”, when the truth is Blacks beat up on patients, rob them and ill-treat them.

Savage animals. This is what happens when the cage is left opened.

They even made a video full of non-whites claiming they saved the UK because they’re all doctors. The video has been all but scrubbed from YouTube.

Actually, I think less than 5% of the doctors in the UK are non-white but they still manage to make 50% of the medical errors and court cases. Fact-check me if you like. I would appreciate it. Nonetheless, blacks make terrible healthcare workers, generally.

Black caregivers β€” many of them recent African immigrants β€” rape helpless, frequently elderly, women in hospitals and nursing homes.

Moving on. These photos circulated all over social media in support and demonstration of how “super” healthcare workers are.

Even Goku saluted, and he can blow up planets.

Then this one!

… and this!

All this was so darn sickening, because the deliberate attempts to force this shit down our throats was blatant and obvious. Virtue signaling lvl 99!

It wasn’t enough with feminism and pushing the “female leading role” bullshit, it had to devolve into this nonsense.

There’s something amiss here folks, which began back then. This is the only thing that has made sense throughout all of this:

There are multiple things going on right now. Let me attempt to frame it another way:

Problem 1: There is an unknown biological agent (coronavirus) that is spread between people and puts many in the ICU or so it was claimed.

Problem 2: “The Virus!” is currently a meme spread by the media and people who have not adjusted well to the first alarm bells sounded. It is partially based on the first problem, but the IDEA is driving a lot of abnormal behavior in people.

Problem 3: Mostly because of problem 2, the supply chains are getting fucked.

Problem 4: Mostly because of problems 2 and 3, the finance market is getting fucked.

Problem 5: Coming up soon β€” because of problems 3 and 4, people won’t be able to get food or work. This feeds back into problem 2.

Be weary of stupid people. They are everywhere!