Shockingly, it turns out the coronavirus vaccine is dangerous. Any level of danger makes it much more dangerous than the coronavirus, which is benign.

Wall Street Journal:

The first rollout of a Covid-19 vaccine in the West hit a stumbling block in the U.K. in recent days: two severe allergic reactions to the shot.

Among the thousands of people vaccinated with the Pfizer Inc. – BioNTech SE injection on the first day of the U.K. campaign, two people suffered anaphylaxis afterward and a third person had a possible allergic response, prompting the country’s medical regulator to change its guidance on who should get immunized and who shouldn’t.

Severe allergic reactions to vaccines are extremely rare, immunization experts say, and haven’t slowed the progress of Britain’s vaccination program—but they have given pause over how to manage side effects of a pioneering shot that is administered in a high stakes vaccine campaign.

“Anytime you take a vaccine or you take a drug or a medication, your body can perceive it as foreign and your allergy cells can fire off,” says Dr. Lakiea Wright, allergist, immunologist and practicing physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

They’re now advising people with allergies not to take it.

This is confusing to me, because as I understood it, it is better to die than to get the coronavirus. That is the message that the media has communicated, very clearly.

The basic reactions are worse than the flu shot.

San Francisco Chronicle:

Of those who got the vaccine, 59% reported fatigue, 52% reported headache, 37% reported muscle pain and 35% reported chills within seven days of receiving the second dose of the vaccine. About 16% reported a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher.

The percentage of people who reported severe symptoms were significantly lower. Less than 5% reported severe fatigue, 3% reported severe headache, 2% reported severe muscle pain and 2% reported severe chills. And 0.3% reported a severe fever, defined as 102 degrees or higher.

The side effects for the Moderna vaccine, which is expected to be the second to gain FDA authorization, are similar: 9.7% of trial participants had fatigue, 8.9% had muscle pain, 5.2% had joint pain, 4.5% had headaches, 4.1% had pain and 2% had redness at the injection site.

The side effects of a coronavirus vaccine are felt more strongly than the side effects from a flu vaccine because the former is prompting an immune response very quickly after the injection, Gandhi said. There will probably be more pain and swelling at the injection site for the coronavirus shot than what most people are used to with the flu shot.

“It triggers a very robust inflammatory response, which can kind of hurt,” Gandhi said. “It’s simulating getting the virus so you’re fighting it. When your body is working overtime and trying to generate immune responses, it doesn’t feel that well.”

The Pfizer vaccine uses a new type of vaccine technology called messenger RNA, or mRNA, which has never been licensed before in a vaccine. It involves injecting synthetic genetic instruction, or RNA, for making the virus’ spike protein. This prompts the body to begin producing these proteins on its own. This tricks the immune system into thinking it has the virus, even though it does not, and thus will launch a defense.

It will probably cause many people to develop autoimmune diseases. It could also be causing brain damage.

Most importantly, it is part of a bigger program to begin altering the genetics of the population. This is a straightforward satanic agenda.

This vaccine might end up being a total disaster, with many who get the shot getting sick and dying from some totally unrelated condition caused by the process of interfering with the genetics. Then, they will say it is Donald Trump’s fault, and claim that the solution is even more vaccines.