As the loyalist reader is aware, everything that is written on Specular Effect is factually true. Much of this information is not available anywhere else.

I consider myself to be normal and average, a typical health and fitness guru with moderately significant skills in FPS gaming, mildly low oratory skills, poor billiards performance and standard friendliness (I still wave – no one waves anymore). I am a proud, fashionable, sadistic gymcel, a botched e-celeb, and my one dream was to have a gigantic ant farm (like, an ant farm that takes up an entire wall). I also planned to have two queens in the giant ant farm, and limit the resources so that the ants were forced to go to war with each other. I consider my greatest life accomplishments to be that I never referenced meme humor in real life and I stayed true to myself — never compromised who I am and what I stood for.

Yet, I look at this website, and it is frightening to me that whilst all I am doing is looking at the world and typing what I witness on my laptop, inserting silly images, and pressing “publish,” and somehow, I’ve found myself in a situation where I’m often the single person on earth saying a specific, obviously correct thing.

Clearly, this is some kind of curse.

When I reflect on my life, I get the same emotions as when I reflect on this image:

Well, you’re about to get another Specular Effect Insight.

Here’s what we’ve got so far, bulleted up:

Here it is: I think that if Joe Biden does assume office, there’s about a 40% chance he’ll resign almost immediately due to his son’s connections to China (his brother is now also reportedly a target of the investigation, by the way). Although, his must important collusion is with Ukrainian Jews. You will never get that from the media.

  • Coronavirus is set up as the big push for the establishment of a Communist one world government
  • China is the biggest obstacle in the way of a Communist one world government
  • Western media and governments are waging a sustained cold war offensive against China, which is continuing to heat up (Hong Kong Antifa, sanctions, weapons to Taiwan, targeting tech companies, kidnapping tech executives, crying about oppressed Islamic terrorists, accusations of hacking, accusations of bad memes, accusations of inventing the deadly coronavirus, etc.)
  • The Jews are now printing absurd, childish atrocity lies from the CIA cult Falun Gong
  • A Democrat Senator has been ousted as having hired a Chinese spy (allegedly) by the spooky Axios website, and the entire media is blowing it up
  • Hunter Biden was caught doing deals with the Chinese, which apparently involved his father in some capacity, during the run-up to the election – the media completely shut this down, reaching new levels of censorship, and basically doing the Streisand Effect
  • The entire right wing media has been running with a narrative that Joe Biden is a pawn of the Chinese (ignoring the obvious reality that Joe Biden is a member of the establishment, and the establishment is anti-China)
  • Falun Gong cultists released videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack and getting footjobs
  • The Democrats ran a 78-year-old man for president, and he’s totally senile (he is going to have to step down at some point in his first term)
  • The Democrats just stole the presidential election, in a manner so absurd and obvious that it’s like slapstick comedy – half the country believes it was the biggest crime in American history
  • Now, all of a sudden, Hunter Biden is subject to a federal investigation for tax evasion, which is focused on his dealings with China
  • This story is being totally blown up in the media

What this all adds up to is that the plan is to have Joe Biden (if he does assume office) resign from office and hand the job over to Kamala Harris.

He would say something like, “I have done nothing wrong, but at this time, I can’t in good conscience oversee a Justice Department that is investigating members of my family. I have no doubt that Hunter and my other family members will be cleared of these charges, but right now, our nation needs to come together, and I believe that these allegations against my son could inhibit the healing process that our nation needs right now. That’s why I am stepping down, and turning over the reins to the totally capable and brilliant hands of Our First Woman President, Kamala Harris.”

This would be viewed as a big win by the Republicans, and would in theory bring a lot of them back to the table of the failed democracy system. They would feel vindicated, after they were screaming about “Beijing Joe” during the election and the media shut them down. It would also allow them to feel like they’re doing the reverse thing that Democrats did to Donald Trump with the Russia hoax.

The thinking of the Jews would be that the boomers would say something like:

Well, yes, I believe the election was stolen – but the system must still work, because Joe Biden had to resign! We’ll get ’em in 2024! Dan Crenshaw! Woooooo! HO-HAH! Marines, baby, we’re kickin’ some ass – he gave one eye for democracy in Iraq, and he’s about to give the other to save democracy in America! BOOM! Biden is DOWN! We WON! Keep your eye on 2024 baby, because after Biden got caught like this, we’re gonna win for sure – with a real fighting man like Crenshaw in office, we’re gonna we’re gonna take down China Joe’s boss the Chinese communists and finally free those oppressed and victimized Muslims and tantric yoga cultists! Crenshaw isn’t gonna let those zipperheads arrest Antifa – they’re fighting for freedom!

I don’t know if it would go like that or not, but I do understand how they would imagine that it would go that way.

Joe Biden is going to have to resign at some point anyway, and this would be a win-win all around.

I’m not predicting this. I’m saying that in the universe of infinite possibilities, this one is relatively likely.

What I am telling you is this: I figure things out by looking at the kinds of details I made in that bullet point list. That isn’t enough to say that this is definitely going to happen, but it is enough to say “this appears to be something they might be planning on doing.”

Understand: there are no honest people that are capable of opening a federal investigation. The government could have just as easily not opened a federal investigation into Joe Biden. This isn’t some rogue Texan, this is the United States Justice Department. These are the same people who just signed off on the election theft.

This is William Barr – who, by the way, is now saying that he has been working on this investigation for years, but just didn’t want to announce it during the election. He of course also didn’t want to interfere when Facebook and Twitter were illegally blocking the New York Post from sharing information about it.

This is the same man who:

  • Didn’t investigate Jeffrey Epstein’s death, after enabling it
  • Refused to intervene when states violated the Constitution flagrantly in the context of the coronavirus hoax, allowing for the vote by mail hoax
  • Refused to press charges against Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters, whilst they were burning down the country
  • Refused to intervene in big tech meddling in the election, even though it was an established fact they were doing that, and it was totally illegal
  • Refused to investigate the biggest election fraud scandal in history (before the 2020 presidential election) in Minnesota, after it was revealed totally by James O’Keefe (it was primarily mail fraud, meaning if they would have investigated it before the election, it would have shown that mail in voting is totally non-viable due to the ease with which fraud is committed)

And, most relevant to the topic at hand: they refused to press charges against Barack Obama or any member of his administration after it was revealed in full that Barack Obama knew, before you ever heard “Trump Russia,” that the entire claim that Trump was linked to Russia was a hoax being perpetrated by Hillary Clinton.

It is now openly admitted that James Comey and Rod Rosenstein, under the supervision of Barack Obama, knowingly used fake documents – which they knew were faked by Hillary Clinton – to fraudulently obtain FISA warrants to spy on Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

And now, after enabling the theft of an election by Joe Biden – William Barr signed off on this, said it was true that Biden got 80 million votes, 14 million more than Barack Obama – they are investigating his son.

Obviously, these people can do or not do whatever the hell they want. They absolutely did not have to open a tax evasion investigation into Hunter Biden. That was totally not something that was necessary at all. They are under no obligation to ever do anything, period, as the last two years have made abundantly clear. They operate absolutely outside of the law. The Hunter Biden story had already been effectively buried.

Furthermore, the media doesn’t need to report on it, and yet it’s a top story. They have total control now, and they can bury any story they want, and make it like it never happened. Yet, Hunter Biden is all over the headlines, attached to the word “CHINA.”

Sure they “have to” report on it, in the sense that they have to mention it, but you saw the way they buried the story the first time. They definitely don’t have to do this:

The only real explanation I see for all of this is that they’re planning to throw Joe under the bus.

This serves many purposes:

  1. Totally demonize China as the ultimate enemy infiltrating our government
  2. Placate Republican voters after a robbery
  3. Justify the rapid removal and replacement of Joe Biden
  4. Create general overwhelming drama and confusion in the middle of a total transformation

Don’t underestimate the importance of number four.

They are going to be doing some weird, wacky stuff, and if they could manufacture a scandal on the size of the scandal I’m talking about here, then it would be enough to cover basically anything.

Never forget that they repeatedly referred to this as the “Harris/Biden administration,” and actually released ads to that effect.

I’m not saying this is going to happen.

All I am doing is looking at all of these different factors, and coming to the most obvious conclusion about what it looks like is going on.

But you know – who the hell knows?

Trump could stay president.

We’ve got a good thing going with the Texas suit.

But if he loses, we absolutely cannot let them distract us with some nonsense about China. We have to immediately pivot into secession.