In a democracy, it is our core value that it’s better to die than to get the coronavirus.

As the old saying goes: “give me safety, or give me death!”


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has officially shut down indoor dining in New York City restaurants, fulfilling a longstanding threat that restaurant owners believe will drive them out of business for good.

Restaurants in the state’s largest city are forbidden from serving customers indoors as of Monday, the governor announced on Friday during a press conference, blaming rising Covid-19 positive rates and citing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control. At the same time, Cuomo acknowledged New York City has a lower rate of infection than most of the rest of the country.

Indoor dining will be closed indefinitely, even as New York heads into the winter months and outdoor dining becomes a near-impossibility for customers and establishments alike. Restaurants in New York City have been allowed to serve food indoors only since September 30, and even then, at just 25 percent of capacity.

The governor claimed 74 percent of new infections were coming from “living room spread” and small gatherings, even acknowledging that the shutdown of bars and restaurants was driving the surge of home-based transmission. Such venues are responsible for only 1.4 percent of new infections, he stated, nevertheless calling indoor dining a “generator” of infections.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 1%, 0% or if it’s causing more infections.

We refuse to put lives before lowering the infection rate.

If the capitalist fat cats who own the bars and restaurants in New York are going to put people at risk, then we’ll drive them out of business. If people want to eat, they can go to Walmart.

Hey, imagine being this stupid: