Vegans are known to boil their fake meats in plastic bags. “Dimension Vegana” is one of the biggest Spanish-language vegan YouTube channels, and they promote boiling food wrapped in plastic bags in multiple videos.

There are few things that scream “dumb peasant” louder than eating food cooked in plastic.

Insidious SCIENCE priests are now claiming that the best way to cook meat is by wrapping it in plastic and slowly cooking it in warm water because it “improves digestion.”

Whatever digestive benefits these people think they’re gaining by ruining beef this way is colossally offset by the damage to the endocrine system that plastic inflicts.

Study Finds:

Sous vide cooking, meaning “under vacuum” in French, has largely been reserved for gourmet restaurants for most of its existence. In recent years however, it’s making its way into more home kitchens. Characterized by vacuum sealing food in a plastic bag and slowly cooking it in warm water, researchers say this unique approach to cooking actually helps improve the digestibility of beef proteins.

Whenever a piece of meat is cooked for consumption, the heat causes meat proteins to undergo numerous changes connected to its structure like oxidation and aggregation. All of those changes make a big difference when it comes time for the body to break down and digest the meat into small peptides or amino acids for bloodstream absorption.

Chefs who cook meats via sous vide usually place the protein in water as hot as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This comparatively low heat level, as well as low-oxygen conditions, facilitates “a tender, juicy, evenly cooked steak,” researchers note in a media release.

Researchers wondered if sous vide may also help with digestion in comparison to traditional cooking techniques like boiling or roasting. Both of those approaches require far hotter temperatures.

Why cooking beef sous vide is better for health

Better digestibility means better nutrition and fewer stomach problems, digestion issues, and pains. During the course of their studies, study authors analyzed two markers of protein oxidation in cooked meat.

This helped them discover that roasted meat carries the most oxidation, followed by boiled meat, and then sous vide. Sous vide also sparks less protein aggregation and fewer changes in general to the proteins’ structures.

Talking about the digestibility of meat protein is already preposterous, given that proteins from whole animal foods are all much easier to digest than plant protein from whole plant foods, no matter the source — but suggesting that esoteric cooking methods that coat food in plastic are somehow better for people’s health is outright malicious.

Plastic isn’t just ruining most people’s health and turning them into androgynous freaks, it’s also the one thing we know for sure is actually ruining the environment and the lives of animals inhabiting Earth.

Unlike the global warming hoax, the negative effects of plastic are proven and verifiable. Even BPA-free plastic isn’t free of other health-damaging chemicals. BPA-free doesn’t mean “healthy” — it just means that it is free from BPA.

The whole “cooking meat in plastic is healthier because it increases digestibility” is an attempt at implanting the idea that increasing the digestibility of meat is something that should be done or something that should concern people. It’s not.

Meat, as cooked by our great grandparents and ancestors, is already fine as it is.