This is what happens when the entitled breeder mentality is not rewarded with its expectations, in addition to confronting another set of idiocy — Mask Police.

I am an advocate of the NAP (Non-Agression Principle), but force is sometimes necessary, especially when it comes to kids. The result of not using force on kids is dysfunction and shit upbringing. Exactly what we have with the younger generation today. To be fair, the father managed to subdue his daughter and provided a face-covering, albeit not a mask. All of that being said, what were these parents’ gameplan, taking a two year old onto a plane? Did they really do everything necessary to get their child to cooperate? How about her favorite story book or toy, to distract her or as a reward for wearing a mask? Again, I ask, where was there forethought in all of this, knowing aforehand the restrictions under which they would be flying?

Force, on the other hand, as it pertains to the state and the general populace, is a no-no. These deputized morons of the state have zero tolerance, zero critical thinking skills and are robotic retards. Most, if not all of these unconstitutional and unlawful mandates stipulate “Face Coverings”, and not specifically a mask. However, because these retarded lemmings are plugged into the mainstream media loop, they believe face coverings mean only masks and there’s a mental and visual referent for them.

In conclusion, understanding the idiocy we are going to be met with, we must not only manage our expectations; that’s half of it – we must also make the extra effort to be prepared!

All of this is crazy — sheer fucking insanity, but it doesn’t mean you run into confrontation and incur great cost to yourself and family because of it.

We know there are retards out there behaving like retards, but that doesn’t mean we must act without being cautious.

Be careful out there!