One by one, they are bowing down before their master.

Apparently, they’ve forgotten what their fathers fought for.

Fox News:

Morocco will normalize relations with Israel, making it the fourth Middle Eastern country to do so this year under a U.S.-brokered deal.

In return, the U.S. has recognized Moroccan sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara region.

President Trump announced Thurday that the two nations would restore diplomatic relations, which means the countries would reopen liaison offices in Tel Aviv and Rabat and eventually would open embassies.

When these deals are done, the benefits will be as such that the Moslems will begin to pressure the Palestinians to get on board. This is going to be Greater Israel by the backdoor.

Awkward Jew Jared Kushner Announces That His Middle East Peace Plan is Greater Israel

It is kinda crazy that he’s not being acknowledged for ostensibly delivering peace to the entire Middle East.

I mean, according to the media that’s what this is and it kinda sorta is that, in the sense that it’s lowering conflict.

Of course, the purpose of this is to smooth the way for the New World Order, which Israel is going to be at the center of. All of these Arabs are falling in line, very quickly. It’s actually a wee bit shocking they’re not putting up any fight at all.

Obviously, the leadership of these countries was bought out a long time ago, but you’d think the people would be like, “wait, wait – what’s going on here?” But no.

It seems that the Western entertainment media has penetrated and collapsed Islam as a worldview, frankly.

This happened with Christianity, but it took much longer.

However, something I’ve been meaning to write in depth about is this: we are seeing a new Christian movement rising that is inoculated to the Western entertainment media and Jewish culture.

The natural instinct is to embrace all of this degeneracy, when it is presented as both fun and harmless.

  • It seems nice to give blacks equal status, despite having low IQs and being extensions violent. After all, God created them too. It’s not immediately clear that they will go buckwild and demand total control of your civilization be handed to them.
  • It seems fine enough to tell homosexuals they can do what they like in their own homes. It’s not immediately clear they will come for your kids.
  • Pornography is universally appealing. With it being wired into people’s homes, all the time, everyone naturally says “hey, I can masturbate anytime I want!” It’s not immediately clear what this does to your body or soul.

All of this had to be learned.

It had to happen like this, actually. The boomers had to surrender to the Beast, and of course their grandchildren had to stand up and fight it.

This is the cycle of reality.

We have faced the devil, we have seen him as he stands, and we are stronger now.