You see? I have said it and predicted it many times. Lots of violence will ensue because of these ridiculous mask mandates, which aren’t even laws. TPTB (The powers that be) have successfully pit us against each other over a fake virus. A humongous hoax.

Morons have been deputized by these state officials to mask-nag people who are intelligent enough to know a few things: the virus is hoax, masks don’t work, there’s a 99% survival rate and demanding people wear masks and be locked down violates constitutional rights and freedom.

This mask-nagging faggot cannot see this, and felt he was “in the right” in mask-nagging:

Of course, the media spins it as the men who defended themselves from this mask-faggot, as the antagonizers.

The mask-faggot followed the men to their car and flipped up one of the guy’s hat; what did he expect? These mask-policing faggots need to mind their business or they can be seriously hurt.

Many out there feel the same way. I do, too, but I dislike conflict and confrontation and I am aware that there are people who are so “plugged in” to what the media tells and shows them that they act upon and act out accordingly. Had they absolutely no access to a television or mainstream media in general, they would be fine and act in a normal manner, but the Jewish media has brainwashed them into believing this is how they ought to behave.

These soy-poisoned little queers believe themselves to be the modern day gestapo — that they truly possess a power vested in them by the state to admonish those who are non-compliant with state orders — the counter-revolutionaries must be silenced and dealt with.

One commenter on the video says, “Notice how he said he will never confront anyone again. This is how we need to treat those who think their only protection is the state. Watch how they recoil when the state cant protect them.” [sic]

This person is absolutely right, but I wouldn’t sanction anyone running into conflict and confrontation with some mask-faggot, because the situation can go more than one way where you may be hurt.

All in all, I think this news report is another psy-op among many to come. I don’t think it is real in the legitimate sense. I think the media is spreading this false flag event propaganda to spark vitriol against people who refuse to get vaccinated and wear masks. If it is real, they are using it nonetheless to do exactly that — to portray anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers as hostile and violent. In addition, we’ve only heard one side of the story and this is enough to spur violent state responses towards the “counter revolutionaries” — those who refuse to wear masks and take the vaccine.

Besides, the last name of the marine shown in the picture in the news report says,  “Gilbert”, not “Troublefield”.

Just another hoax.